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Shoes order and lessons about humility

The foundation of honesty is humility, the source of evil is arrogance. The more ripe the rice, the lower the head bows, the virtue of humility is cultivation.

Almost everyone thinks that the Director - the leader of a company will be associated with an image of poise and dignity in a luxurious suit, tie, bright shirt, and shiny leather shoes.

As for the director of Tram Tue - Mr. Hoang Van Huong, he always wears and wears uniform sandals like all employees in the company. Whenever there are orders that need to be overtime urgently, he does not mind sitting and packing incense and carrying boxes to support everyone. In general, every job from cleaning, weeding, importing production materials… never lacks his participation. To us, he is not only a talented leader but also a respectable elder, always dedicated to his work and wholeheartedly treating everyone. He always does everything, no matter how small, in order.

Đức hạnh khiêm nhường chính là sự tu dưỡng

Mr. Hoang Van Huong (right) is sitting and making incense with the staff on the day of overtime to urgently send goods to Saigon.

As simple as arranging shoes at the company. Customers who come to experience at Tram Tue are always surprised by the image of shoes arranged in a straight line, one by one. And this neat turning of the toes of the shoes outward is also common in monasteries. New arrival shoes are not used to, normally there will always be a person in the reception department or any employee who sees them, then fold them neatly. But if everyone is busy, Mr. Huong will immediately bend down to fold. This is a picture taken by an employee in the ring department, sitting in the opposite room while working.

Đức hạnh khiêm nhường chính là sự tu dưỡng

Mr. Huong is rearranging the shoes of the delegation coming to experience at Tram Tue

Every employee in the company always sees in him humility and purity in body - speech - mind. Therefore, wherever we are, whatever we do, wherever we are, we remind ourselves to work in joy, humility and honesty. He is like a mirror for us to look at and learn good qualities.

Đức hạnh khiêm nhường chính là sự tu dưỡng xếp giày dép gọn gàng

Giày dép của khách được phân chia và xếp gọn gàng theo từng loại 

Sorting shoes seems to be a trivial, unimportant job, few people pay attention to, but it shows the face of the company. If not arranged, the space will look very messy and messy. No, but the folding of shoes also makes it convenient for customers to enter, without having to step on the ground. "Sow action, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap a destiny.” For those who lack patience, folding slippers at the company every day will help to change their personality. From there will form good habits, be careful in every small thing. That's why it is said that cultivation is not just about repenting, reading sutras, and paying homage to the Buddha. But cultivation is about modifying yourself in every thought, word, and action. Modify bad habits, eliminate greed - hatred - delusion - pride - suspicion of evil views to become a better human. Concentration in each task is also a meditation.

"Put your shoes neatly
Pray for everyone
Feet are often mindful
Always relax in and out."