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Why Tram Tue's products are so gentle?

If you need an incense with a very strong and sweet scent, then Agarwood is not the right product for you.
But if you need a safe incense for the whole family's health, with a gentle scent, to help calm your mind, then Agarwood is the product you need.
To produce incense with a strong aroma, immediately hitting the olfactory bulb is not difficult, just use flavorings, chemicals to create scents or use agarwood made from acids, whatever you want to smell.
But with the desire to bring True - Clean products to users, wishing that people and families no longer have to inhale toxic incense smoke, Tram Tue only uses clean Agarwood raw materials: Agarwood microorganism (made by Agarwood tree by Tue Tue) production) and natural Agarwood ants.
Tram Tue's micro-agarwood drilling technology - in order to produce clean agarwood products, Agarwood must be produced from raw materials.
The stage of classifying natural agarwood - one of the raw materials for the production of Agarwood products of Agarwood.

Somewhere, there are still customers feedback "why the smell is so light, why is the incense not so strong ..." Tram Tue always patiently explains, gladly returns if the customer insists that he just wants a really good smell.

The essence of natural agarwood scent is inherently light, Vietnamese agarwood also contains sour, spicy, salty and sweet flavors like the taste of life full of joy, anger, love, and oh. On the same piece of incense, each place has a different smell, the weather or mood also makes people feel the smell differently from time to time. Therefore, Tram Tue only guarantees that the product is clean, pure and natural, but there is no rush to promote "a lot of fragrance, very fragrant..." because how fragrant depends on each person's perception.

You are using chemical incense, you are using agarwood made from acid - such a strong aroma, then change to clean agar, such a gentle scent can not be felt immediately. Not to mention, sometimes when you are using home fragrance products, the light bass scent is definitely overwhelmed.


The difference between Tram Tue's Agarwood and Agarwood made from acids on the market

But have you noticed that after using Agarwood products, you no longer sneeze, sting eyes, runny nose, sore throat... The indoor space becomes warm, the little baby sleeps well and is no longer disturbed. cry, your mind relaxes, relieves stress... That's what we mean about the effects of clean bass.

You have heard a lot about the media about clean incense but clean bass - the origin of the material is probably unknown to you. Today, Tram Tue just opened a little bit, and the story about clean bass, we will talk more about it in another article from a scientific perspective.

Hopefully with some of the above information, it can help you understand more about the characteristics of Agarwood products, which is also the difference of Agarwood from many other units in the agarwood industry.