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5 Ways to distinguish between agarwood incense cones real and fake

Agarwood incense cone is increasingly receiving the love of consumers because of its health benefits. Currently, many products ofagarwood incense cones are sold on the market with different prices and extremely diverse designs. If people do not have experience, it is easy to buy low-quality agarwood incense cones, "lost money". In this article, Tram Tue will share some methods to help customers identify and buy the right clean - real - safe natural agarwood. 
Real Agarwood incense cone 
The simplest way to identify real products - fake products is to look at the packaging and labels. With real Agarwood incense cone on the package, there will be full logos and labels on the box with all necessary information printed such as company name, ingredients, registration license, date of manufacture, address, website, QR code. … Especially, on each product, the brand name is stamped.

The packaging on each box is always full of information.


On each cone, the brand name is stamped.

Fake agarwood incense cones.

Agarwood incense cones most are written in English as ''Incense'', along with scents also in English. Other than that, no further information is available. These are floating products, fake products, imitation products, with no clear origin.

Agarwood incense cone have an "unreal" color when compared to natural Agarwood incense cone.


Agarwood incense cone clean and natural 

It has the characteristic pure brown color of agarwood because it is a combination of natural agarwood powder and the acacia of the Litsea tree. The percentage of agarwood powder usually reaches 90%. Real, clean, natural agarwood buds in addition to the original raw materials are clean agarwood, natural agarwood, micro-organisms (like Agarwood is doing), do not mix any kind of flavorings or preservatives. This also gives you more concept to distinguish between natural clean standard agarwood buds and poor quality agarwood buds derived from acid agarwood plus odorant chemicals and other chemicals....

Real Agarwood incense cone have the characteristic pure brown color of agarwood.

Fake Real Agarwood incense cone, poor quality agarwood incense cone 

Meanwhile, fake agarwood buds are usually aromatherapy mixed with wood pulp, also known as sawdust, and then molded into pellets. Then label it as frankincense bud. They are usually artificial yellow, not natural brown. There are also some cases of fake incense cone, although the composition is agarwood powder, but only a very small percentage and the addition of additives to stimulate the smell. 

7 rainbow colors of agarwood incense cone advertised for good health. 

Depending on what kind of material the manufacturer uses, there is a corresponding product. If made from mixed wood, agarwood s will have a brown color. This type is similar to real agarwood incense cone, so it must be distinguished by burning. When the natural brown color of the wood is not available, they will add colorants to increase the eye-catching. As shown in the picture below is agarwood cones from Thailand, being offered for sale online with attractive ads: 100% natural high quality Agarwood buds, colorful with all kinds of scents such as: roses, flowers orchid, lotus, lemongrass, coconut, cinnamon... for buyers to choose from. The inscription: Made in Thailand is indispensable to deceive consumers.


Those who are new to playing Agarwood to be deceived by fake products and chemicals. Those who already know agarwood are easier to recognize, because agarwood has a very specific smell and cannot be 100% faked. 

Real agarwood incense cone, clean standard Pure Agarwood.

hen not burned, can hardly smell outside. When burned, agarwood buds give off a gentle, sweet, elegant, delicate fragrance that is very pleasant, refreshing, not harsh, for many people who have never used real, clean agarwood, it may not even be at first. smell clearly. With a line of long-standing, high-class agarwood, high and concentrated essential oil content, the fragrance is deep, sweet and warm. When the bud burns out, the scent remains lightly in the space, if used regularly in the house, the scent of agarwood will linger in the air, especially with wooden furniture, the incense sticks for a long time. 

When burned, agarwood incense cones emit a sweet, elegant, delicate, very pleasant, refreshing fragrance.

Agarwood incense cones not only helps the worshiping space become pure, solemn and sacred, but also purifies the air very well. With health, the essential oil from frankincense when burned helps users feel relaxed, easy to focus, relieve stress.

Fake agarwood incense cones

Fake agarwood cones are mostly impregnated with aromatic components, which are benzene compounds. Benzene has a pleasant aroma similar to that of freshly baked cake. When not burning, it has a very strong and strong aroma, not characteristic of agarwood. Therefore, agarwood buds are not 100% natural as advertised. Export processing facilities have used flavorings to create many different scents such as lemon, orchid, dandelion, the smell of the ocean, etc.

When burned, the smell is very strong and strong, the fragrance is far away. At first, you can see the aroma, then you will see the burning smell of burning wood and the chemical smell is very clear. Nasal discomfort, long-term smell will feel headache, stuffy nose. Toxic substances will stimulate the surface binding action of the respiratory tract leading to chronic respiratory inflammation. destroys body tissues leading to cell changes, when they are malignant cells they will turn into cancerous cells. For the elderly, young children, pregnant women, those who are sensitive will find people nauseous, dizzy, face pale, headache... If you don't know, long-term use will threaten the health of those member of family.

Fragrance ingredients in Agarwood buds are benzene compounds, which are very dangerous to health.

Real incense cones, clean standard
Natural agarwood is rare, so the price is quite high. Even micro-organic agarwood is not cheap because the production process of agarwood goes through many stages. We mentioned in the article: How many types of frankincense buds are there? Detailed information about the price and address of selling natural agarwood buds.

There is a folk saying: "First Khanh Hoa, second Quang Binh, third Quang Nam". Vietnamese Agarwood is always highly appreciated in the international market.

Production process of Agarwood incense cones.

Fake agarwood cones, poor quality agarwood cones
Meanwhile, the products that are being sold floating on the market are labeled "Agarwood buds" with very cheap prices. For less than 100,000 VND, you can already own a pack of 100 tablets of Agarwood. One tablet costs about 650-700 VND. This price is very low compared to the average selling price of agarwood in Vietnam. Excluding the cost of shipping, importing goods from Thailand to Vietnam and distributing to the seller.

Agarwood buds "imported" with surprisingly cheap prices.

Perhaps consumers also partly imagine what the quality of the so-called agarwood cones is like. Besides, Thai agarwood cones are now mainly sold on social networks, with no clear origin. Therefore, it is difficult to verify the origin because there is no competent authority to license and verify product quality.

Currently, there are also fake agarwood cones, poor quality agarwood cones that are produced very sophisticatedly, they are made to look like natural products and are sold at the same high price as real agarwood cones. However, it is still possible to recognize if you are knowledgeable about agarwood because agarwood has its own characteristics of scent.

Smoke degree - Observation
When burned, real agarwood cones have a light smoke and are subtle in the air. The burning of real cones is also slower along with white smoke, thin and light. Except for the agarwood line, the smoke waterfall cone, also known as the reverse smoke agarwood cone, will have a thicker smoke. Ashes are usually brown or gray in color.

Reverse agarwood incense cones of Tram Tue.

In contrast, fake agarwood has a lot of smoke. Burn time faster and stronger. The smoke of fake cones causes the user to feel uncomfortable, stinging eyes, headache or itchy nose. Especially for people with sinusitis or respiratory diseases, they are very sensitive to the smell of this chemical. When fully burned, it often leaves ash-colored or ivory-white ash.

Agarwood cones with a quick burning time, ash or white ivory

The above distinctions are only relative because counterfeit products are now increasingly sophisticated, very similar to real agarwood incense cones. In our opinion, distinguishing by scent is the most feasible way to determine whether the type of incense you buy is real or fake. Because the smell of agarwood is the hardest thing to fake, fake agarwood is impregnated with flavorings to smell like agarwood, but they often leave a strong and harsh smell due to the use of chemicals. However, the sense of smell is the most difficult thing because not everyone is sensitive enough to judge by smell. Not to mention the majority of consumers due to the habit of using burning incense and chemical incense, so the nose is familiar with bold scents. Therefore, choosing a reputable and conscientious manufacturer should be the first selection criterion.

Incense cones are loved not only for the benefits they bring to health but also for the subtlety in usage. According to the development of society, incense products are increasingly improved with many different characteristics, designs, and product types, to meet a large number of consumers. You should look for companies specializing in the production of agarwood with transparent information to buy the right quality products.

Where to buy clean agarwood incense cones
Tram Tue now has a system of stores in most provinces and cities, you can buy directly or order on e-commerce sites to save time.

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