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5 Ways to use Agarwood essential oil

5 Ways to use Agarwood essential oil 
By steam distillation method, now Agarwood (Agarwood) oil has produced 2 pure Agarwood essential oils, which help keep the smell longer than the traditional method. In this article, Agarwood Oil will guide you in 5 ways to use Agarwood essential oil properly to get the best effect.
What is Agarwood Essential Oil?
Not only a precious wood, Agarwood is also a kind of "panacea" with many uses for health. Born from the injuries on the tree, the sap after a long time covering the wounds caused by natural factors such as storms, wild animals, and antworms has accumulated and created Agarwood. smell. It can be said that the essence of Agarwood is a high-grade, positive natural antibiotic.

Agarwood is the plasticized part of the do gourd tree. Do tree is usually divided into 2 parts: the wood part and the Agarwood part. Depending on the degree of contamination (the percentage of essential oils contained in the wood grain), Agarwood has different values. Because not all trees produce agarwood, a large amount of agarwood is required to obtain essential oil. Therefore, the price of Agarwood essential oil is very high.

Pure natural Agarwood essential oil is extracted from the wood of the Agarwood tree that has accumulated agarwood, absolutely no additives are added to dissolve or dilute the solution. They are in a slightly viscous liquid state with high aroma, high permeability and long-lasting fragrance.

How to use natural Agarwood essential oil safely and effectively?
Topical Frankincense essential oil
Agarwood essential oil is used as a perfume essence, just apply a little behind the ear, nape, nucleus, on the pulse point of the wrist to see the fragrance radiate gently and seductively. With warm tones, classic but luxurious woody scent, Agarwood helps to relax, reduce stress, arouse cheerful spirit, optimism, dispel feelings of restlessness, anxiety, enhance brain activity. .

Applying essential oils to areas of the body is the simplest and most popular way to use them today. Many people also use agarwood essential oil during acupressure. Acupressure is known to be based on the ancient Chinese concept of qi - or vital energy. According to this concept, qi flows through each person. When a person feels stressed, their body blocks the gas. This can cause imbalances in the body and lead to illness. The purpose of acupressure is to keep the qi circulating, which is also known as opening the meridians. They believe that essential oils are the "connecting flow", Agarwood has a strong source of yang qi that will help restore balance to people when they are invaded by bad qi and yin.

Apply on the nape of the neck to support Thien Tru and Phong Tri points

5 cách sử dụng tinh dầu Trầm hương nguyên chất đúng chuẩn bôi gáy

Apply behind the ear to support the E Phong point

5 cách sử dụng tinh dầu Trầm hương nguyên chất đúng chuẩn sau tai

Apply in Nhan Trung

5 cách sử dụng tinh dầu Trầm hương nguyên chất đúng chuẩn nhân trung

Apply on the wrist to support the internal and external acupoints

5 cách sử dụng tinh dầu Trầm hương nguyên chất đúng chuẩn cổ tay

When acting correctly on the bonded point, it will bring many therapeutic effects. Specifically, it helps promote the effect of clearing heat (clearing heat in the upper digestive tract), ventilating stagnation, and sputum area. Therefore, bonded acupuncture or acupressure will bring good effectiveness in the treatment of headaches, hand paralysis, hand tremors, elbow pain, neck stiffness, tinnitus and deafness in the local area along the line.

Smell it directly
Inhaling essential oils directly helps support the respiratory system, reduce rhinitis, sore throat, reduce wheezing, and help breathe easier. There are 3 ways to smell essential oils directly:

Method 1: Open the cap, smell directly from the bottle of essential oil, take a deep breath to let the essential oil enter the nasal cavity
Method 2: Apply essential oil to your hands, rub your hands together, then press your nose to take a deep breath
Method 3: Apply essential oil to the mask to wear
Because of the above great effects, in the era of widespread disease, the demand for frankincense essential oil is increasing sharply. Hit the psychology of consumers, on the market today, Agarwood essential oil is advertised and sold widely. However, we need to understand that because raw materials are scarce and expensive, there are not many real natural essential oils and of course the price is not cheap. With a price of several tens of thousands, several hundred thousand for 1 bottle of 5-10ml essential oil, is it agarwood or is it toxic chemicals, fake scents to deceive consumers? To avoid "losing money", you should be wise in choosing Agarwood products in general and Agarwood essential oils in particular from reputable, well-tested brands such as Agarwood.