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Differentation of natural agarwood and oild - cooked agarwood

There is an old saying that "take wormwood to find agarwood" to indicate the hardships of searching for this precious wood. Because frankincense is not only a token of human meaning to human life, but also a feng shui treasure.

Currently, it will not be difficult to find agarwood with many shapes, eye-catching colors and very cheap prices. But if you are inexperienced, it is very easy to buy agarwood that is not pure, of poor quality and most will be deceived by oil cooking agarwood (oil pressed agarwood). With practical experience, Agarwood (Agarwood) would like to send you detailed instructions to distinguish natural Agarwood and Agarwood oil cooking technology.


What is the value of incense?
Agarwood is the wood containing a lot of aromatic resin born from the trunk of the Aquilaria crassna tree that grows a lot in the old forests of Vietnam. When the tree is damaged, the oil in the tree gathers to resist the damage and infection from the outside, the oil deposited over the years gradually denatures and turns into agarwood.

In addition, incense is also a treasure that nature bestows on humans, contains an extraordinary sacred energy source, is a link to the spiritual world. Because not every tree is damaged when it is also born agarwood or strange. Only 1 out of 1000 trees can produce agarwood and usually the age of these trees is very high and has great value.

Creating agarwood is difficult, finding Aquilaria crassna trees with agarwood is a hundred thousand times more difficult. Because Aquilaria crassna trees often live in deep forests and mountains. It is because of the rarity, because of the sky-high price that has caused many people to leave their homes to wade into the sacred forest and poison water to find agarwood. Folks call them the bearers or the rich. The job of finding agarwood is extremely difficult and dangerous. It is not easy to find Aquilaria crassna. Some people spend months in the deep forest to find agarwood. But there are also many husbands and wives who have to send their bones back in the deep forest, because of diseases, wild animals and countless other risks and uncertainties.


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Distinguishing natural agarwood and oil cooking agarwood
Because of the meticulousness and feat of manufacturing agarwood, it is difficult for us to distinguish natural agarwood and chemical agarwood. However, with this type of oil cooking agarwood, they can be recognized more easily. Tram Tue would like to send you some ways to recognize:



Depending on the amount of essential oil contained in the wood, natural agarwood has an uneven dark and light color. Normally, natural agarwood will have a light/dark yellow, brown color of wood.

As for agarwood boiled in oil, most of them are dark brown or dark black because they have been cooked in oil with a great pressure and a long time. That's why you can hardly see the veins (ray) of the essential oil.


Agarwood is actually the amount of oil that crystallizes in the wood of the do gourd tree. The wood is very soft and spongy, the quality of the wood is not good and it is usually light, floating on the water (except in the case of sinking, we will explain more carefully in the next article).

However, with most agarwood cooking oil, the weight will be much heavier. You can feel it very clearly as soon as you hold them in your hand


Natural Agarwood has a light, sweet aroma, especially when there is heat (burning or friction with hands generates heat), you will feel the subtle aroma of Agarwood.

In contrast, oil-cooked agarwood has a strong, strong and slightly burnt aroma, which only lasts for a very short time and then disappears. This is the biggest difference compared to real agarwood, the longer it lasts, the more fragrant it will be.




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In addition, you should note one more feature that when left for a long time, cooking agarwood can produce essential oil and black oil out. If you encounter this phenomenon, please carefully consider the quality of the bass you are using.

How to create agarwood oil cooking technology
Currently, people's demand for agarwood is increasing because agarwood always has its own meaning for all ethnic groups and religions. Meanwhile, the natural supply is dwindling. Therefore, to meet the large amount of demand, countries and organizations have created methods to actively control the amount of agarwood produced.


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Wanting to make quick profits and take advantage of the ignorant trust of consumers, some organizations and individuals have lost their value. According to the Alsalom For Oud channel, from pieces of wood without agarwood, traders mix them with the best pieces of agarwood, then dip them in methanol and cook this mixture at a temperature of 17 degrees. After being cooked in oil for a few hours, people dry them in the sun until the pieces are dry and the deep color blends. Due to the intervention of chemicals in the production process, agarwood oil, also known as oil pressed agarwood, if used, will be harmful to the health of consumers.

Above is some knowledge Agarwood would like to send to you, hopefully with the above suggestions can help you recognize and choose the right agarwood products. If you still have questions or feedback about this article, you are welcome to contact Tram Tue via Hotline 0977023696 for advice and more detailed information.