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The performance of "The beautiful connection" when wearing an agarwood beacelet

In essence, the longer Agarwood is worn, the more "on the water", the longer it is worn, the darker it is, the wood grain is clear and the incense is sweet and deep. Many people call this the phenomenon of "The beautiful connection". However, there are also a few (rare) cases where wearing a agarwood bracelet is not so beautiful. What is the reason for this difference? Are the tarnished bracelets all fake agarwood bracelet, poor quality bracelet or not? With the answer from Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Gam - Lecturer in Biotechnology at Forestry University, hope to provide in-depth knowledge to help you better understand the value of an Agarwood bracelet, flavor as well as how to preserve the ring to keep the best quality.

The truth about people who have "The beautiful connection"

When affected by outside influences such as bombs, natural disasters, felling..., the infestation of animals such as borers and nesting ants, the sap will accumulate, cover the wound and heal. it. Over tens to hundreds of years, under the influence of fungi and active substances in this resin, the wood substance where the tree is injured gradually denatures and is called Agarwood. Thus, the essence of Agarwood is a rare essential oil, born from the lesions on the trunk of the Aquilaria crassna.
Hiện tượng “kết duyên trầm” khi đeo vòng Trầm hương
From the raw materials of Agarwood, through the skillful hands of the craftsman, it will turn into lovely bracelets. When wearing the bracelet continuously for a long time, the agarwood beads gradually become glossy, the wood grain is clearly visible, the fragrance lingers forever. Folk people call this the phenomenon of "Beautiful connection", born when the gaseous bodies between people and wood are compatible with each other to create a spiritual bridge, like the two main characters in the world's most beautiful soulmate story. The longer you wear it, the more the agarwood beads become watery and glossy, the wood grain becomes more beautiful, the oil rays are more visible thanks to the unique "Connection" between the person and the bracelet.
Hiện tượng “kết duyên trầm” khi đeo vòng Trầm hương
Agarwood aroma is sweet but gentle, delicate and extremely pleasant, not a strong or pungent aroma. In fact, the "Beautiful connection" is a very real and interesting scientific and physiological phenomenon.

Wear a bracelet to release the scent
When wearing a bracelet on the wrist or neck, due to the friction between the body and the wood cells along with the impact from body temperature, it breaks the bonds of the cellulose and hemicellulose molecules of the wood cell wall. At that time, it will create an "open hole" for the Agarwood essential oil molecules located inside to slowly escape. Therefore, the wearer can smell the fragrance of the bass ring. With different wearers, but the agarwood ring has a strong or light scent, it can be explained that the aroma of agarwood depends on the energy and body of each person.

The Agarwood bracelet worn for a long time will be darker and more glossy
The long wear layer has a glossy layer because there is friction that flattens the surface, leading to the phenomenon of "reflection of light". Similar to the technique of polishing wooden surfaces. So people who wear it for a long time will find the bracelet increasingly shiny.

Hiện tượng “kết duyên trầm” khi đeo vòng Trầm hương

The customer's Agarwood bracelet is darker after wearing it for 2 years.

Wearing a faded Agarwood bracelet
Under the action of light, the substances secreted from sweat (salt, ions, ...) and weather will slowly erode the wall of wood cells. Leads to the gradual release of colored substances (including Agarwood essential oil) in the wood cells. Since then, the Agarwood bracelet has faded, fading the brown color of the wood. This is also the reason why Tram Tue always pays attention to the wearer to avoid getting the bracelet in contact with water.

Hiện tượng “kết duyên trầm” khi đeo vòng Trầm hương

After wearing for a while, the customer's Agarwood bracelet is blurred and opaque due to the influence of sweat and water. Tram Tue's staff polished and replaced the new silver charm at the request of the customer.

Agarwood bracelet lost its fragrance
Most of the bracelets sent to Tram Tue have a warranty because of the loss of agarwood fragrance. The same reason is because the customer uses cosmetics and perfume. According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Gam: Cosmetics and perfumes have a very strong aroma (heavy smell) because they are often made from volatile and concentrated essential oils, so the molecular density of these aromatic oils is high. So they easily "overwhelm" the smell of Agarwood. The natural scent of Agarwood is only mild, so our noses can only smell the smell of cosmetics and perfume, not Agarwood, which has completely lost its smell as many people mistakenly believe.

Hiện tượng “kết duyên trầm” khi đeo vòng Trầm hương

Experts evaluate high-end products, they still smell Agarwood when they have perfume, because their sense of smell is very good, distinguishing odors with low molecular density in the air. And most users only see the smell of cosmetics/perfume, but not the scent of Agarwood. This is due to the "sensitivity" and "fineness" of each person's sense of smell.

Natural agarwood never loses its smell. The longer you wear the bracelet, the more fragrance it will be, the more durable, rich and warm the scent will be, especially when you know how to properly store the agarwood ring. There are also cases where a new ring worn for a short time has become shiny and fragrant, with a darker color. While some people wear it for a long time, the ring is still the same as when it was bought. Folks believe that this is the predestined relationship of each person with Agarwood - the spirit of heaven and earth. In addition, because each person's body is not the same, the time of "marriage" will also be completely different.

Thus, it can be seen that "low predestined relationship" is just a more flowery, literary way of talking about the physical - chemical - biological phenomena that take place when wearing a bass bracelet. However, this phenomenon is not present in all Agarwood bracelets. It should be emphasized that they are only available in bracelets made from natural Agarwood. As for the technological agarwood ring, also known as agarwood, no matter how long it is worn, the wood color is less silver and the scent is always strong and harsh because they have been treated with chemicals. This is also a way for buyers to distinguish between real bass rings and fake Agarwood bracelet.

Hiện tượng “kết duyên trầm” khi đeo vòng Trầm hương

Baby's Agarwood bracelet

Agarwood bracelets are increasingly being chosen by many people with many designs and designs for both adults and children. Not only is it a high-class fashion accessory, but it is also a spiritual support item for the user. Owning Agarwood bracelet helps the wearer feel secure, the work from there is also more convenient. The gentle aroma of incense helps the wearer feel comfortable, comfortable and relaxed.

Due to the growing demand, there are many shops selling sophisticatedly made fake Agarwood bracelets on the market. The chemicals that are impregnated into the bracelet affect the health of the user, causing allergies to those who are sensitive. Therefore, to avoid losing money, spending tens to hundreds of millions and buying a low-quality agarwood bracelet, you should go to reliable sales addresses to buy bracelets. Agarwood is confident to be an enterprise that produces quality Agarwood products, saying NO to fake and imitation goods.

If you have a need to learn more about the samples of natural agarwood bracelets according to feng shui as well as their effects, how to preserve them to keep them beautiful and long-lasting, please contact the hotline: 0977023696 for detailed advice from Tram Tue staff.