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What is sink agarwood? Why is the water supply agarwood bracelet has a high value?

Agarwood is formed from the trunk of the Aquilaria crassna. When the tree is damaged (storms break branches, borers, ants make nests...) the sap of the tree will accumulate and cover the infected area for protection. From that wound after tens to hundreds of years will produce a fragrant essential oil called Agarwood. Depending on the factors: soil, climate, altitude... random impact that agarwood has different aroma, color and value.

Why is it called Sink Agarwood?
Among them is a type of bass with a large amount of essential oil; That amount of oil thickens in the grain of the wood, making them harder and heavier than other types, when dropped into completely submerged water. That is the reason why experts named it submerged agarwood, also known as sink agarwood.

trầm hương chìm nước

However, not every piece of Agarwood that is submerged in water is valuable. Sometimes there are pieces of agarwood that are more than the amount of agarwood essential oil, but it still sinks. To evaluate the quality of submerged agarwood, buyers need to have experience to identify the amount of essential oil in the piece as well as its origin. Type 1 sedimentation, the percentage of essential oils contained in the wood will account for 40% - 80% of the total volume of the wood block.

Tram Tue's Sink Agarwood has a very dense amount of essential oil

Most of Agarwood currently sold on the market is floating agarwood with a lot of wood, little essential oil, so it's light in weight. With the same product with similar volume, the sink is much heavier, when holding the feeling of compactness and firmness.

The value of sink agarwood
About feng shui: Agarwood itself is a pure yang product, it also carries a much larger spirit.

In terms of physical strength: Natural sinking is the plasticization of acacia wood with a high rate, so it will have good water resistance. Each wood grain is dense with agarwood essential oil, the veins are even and tight. Other types of agarwood are usually sparse and thin.

About scent: The proportion of Agarwood essential oil in agarwood is superior to that of agarwood, so the scent is strong and durable, so much so that many sellers dare to claim that it is a "permanent smell warranty". When you smell it, you will feel a pleasant, refreshing, long-lasting fragrance.

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A piece of Sink garwood originating from Vietnam. The quality of the oil contained in the wood can be clearly seen with detailed close-ups. Agarwood is filled with the wood fibers of Aquilaria crassna tree to create solidity and rigidity. Lots of essential oils, so the piece of agarwood gives off a sweet aroma.

How to recognize natural and artificial Agarwood?

Currently, natural sink  are increasingly rare due to over-exploitation, the market demand is high, leading to a lot of counterfeiting. They sprayed chemicals on the trunk of the tree to speed up the production of agarwood. When the agarwood oil accumulates on the trunk of the tree, it will form thin pieces of wood like a cover sheet. Then, the craftsman stacks each piece on top of each other and joins them with a special glue into wooden blocks. These agarwood blocks are thicker and stronger than ordinary wood blocks, when dropped into the water, they sink, so they are called sunken agarwood. There is also agarwood cooking oil, which is actually young gourd wood that is cooked in a pot of chemical agarwood essential oil. When cooking for a long time, the piece of bass will become heavy and sink, making many people think this is a natural sink. In fact, they are all artificial agarwood products using poor quality chemicals, which are harmful to the health of users.

With natural agarwood blocks, workers will pour more glue, clay, wax resin or sand... into the voids in the agarwood block and then make fine art, sealed to increase weight. From there, the selling price will be pushed up dozens, to hundreds of times higher than the original value. This method is often applied to the blocks of depression.

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For agarwood bracelet, for profit they will shoot lead, iron or glue inside the beads to make the agarwood heavier. Buyers don't know that when they see the weight, they think they pay a high price because of many essential oils. Tram Tue has compiled a few simple distinctions for people to refer to and consider before making a purchase decision.

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The sink agarwood has been padded with lead

Recognizing through colors and shapes
Natural agarwood has a natural dark/dark color, clearly visible. Artificial basses are essentially natural basses, but with a few tricks added to increase the weight, they look quite similar in color. Therefore, buyers need to carefully check around the bass block or bass ring to see if there are any abnormalities. Artificial sinking will often leave graft cuts or wood grain in different directions.

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Natural Sink Agarwood is a solid block of wood, without any cutting

To shoot glue or lead into the submerged beads, the worker needs to cross-drill from the 2 main holes to pierce the beads, invisible to make the holes of the beads bigger than usual. With naturally submerged agarwood, the holes are usually small. Observing the holes drilled on each bass grain can help buyers detect artificial sinks.

trầm chìm giả để làm vòng độn chì

The Agarwood tablets for turning into bracelets are shot with lead to increase weight

Perception by scent
The deep, natural scent does not smell right away or the scent is light but sweet. With artificial depression due to the use of chemical frankincense essential oil, just smelling it has a strong, strong aroma. In addition, because it is poured and glued with glues, if you smell it closely, you can still see a chemical smell.

Why is the submerged agarwood bracelet so valuable?
According to the experience of the agarwood connoisseurs, submerged agarwood often appears in old agarwood trees with a high age of 40 years or more. This is the age enough for a tree to produce the best quality and most essential oil. In addition, there are also some mutant plants, although planted for a few years, have a lot of Agarwood essential oil content, enough to be submerged under water. However, this type is very rare in nature.

Because the process of producing agarwood takes a long time, submerged agarwood is a very popular yang energy wood, a very valuable oriental medicine. It has many healing and conditioning effects. In addition, agarwood is also a valuable material in the manufacture of Buddhist artifacts.

In agarwood products, agarwood bracelets and necklaces can often be carried with them. The energy of basswood helps dispel negative energy, cold wind, evil spirits, and evil paths. Usually, the older the agarwood, the stronger the energy it radiates. Wearing agarwood bracelet for a long time, the energy in the ring will gradually shift to impact on the user. Natural agarwood is precious, submerged agarwood is many times more precious because it is very difficult to find. Out of thousands of trees, only 1 tree produces agarwood, and in tens of thousands of trees, only one piece of agarwood can be found.

Raw materials for sinking pieces or blocks cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars/kg. Submergence is calculated in grams (gr). The current sinking price ranges from 3 million to 6 million/gr depending on the quality.

Tram Tue's "sink" agarwood bracelet pattern

It is the people who wear the sink agarwood bracelets shared with us that they feel the energy field as well as its impact on the body and mind very strongly. So "you get what you pay for", it's not natural that the price of depression is always high and sought after by many people, everyone aspires to have a piece of depression with them. In order to hit the psychology of customers who want to own a sink bracelet, many types of fake products appear, while people often lack the knowledge to distinguish them.

Therefore, in order to ensure that you can buy a standard natural sink agarwood bracelet, you need to choose carefully where the product is supplied. It is recommended to choose to buy at reputable stores of agarwood such as Tram Tue to be completely assured of the origin as well as the quality of each bracelet. If you have a need to learn more about the products, you are welcome to contact the hotline number 0977.023.696 to receive detailed advice from the staff.