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Why China is always "hunting" for Vietnam's treasures

From time immemorial, this product of Vietnam has been considered extremely rare, the ultimate product of the best.

Agarwood - the ultimate product of the best
Recently, the Antiquities Valuation program of China Central Television CCTV has appeared a treasure originating from Nha Trang, Vietnam.

That is the 35.6 grams male white aril bracelet that was auctioned for 912,500 yuan (about 3.3 billion VND).

Trung Quốc 'thèm thuồng' săn lùng báu vật Việt Nam: Cực phẩm của cực phẩm

Beads made from Nha Trang Bach Ky Nam appeared on CCTV. Screen cut image

Similar to Agarwood, Ky Nam is a special product - aromatic resin located in the core of the injured Aquilaria crassna tree.

However, not all injured Aquilaria crassna  will appear Ky Nam, if so, the Ky Nam part will be less than the Agarwood part, so Ky Nam part will always have a higher value.

We can rely on the characteristics of myrrh to distinguish it from men or Agarwood. Ky Nam is the wood that accumulates a large amount of essential oil, dark black in color, and is surrounded by a layer of yellowish Agarwood.

Moreover, when compared to Agarwood, Ky Nam's period is heavier, harder, full of sweet, spicy, bitter, sour taste; very delicate aroma; When exposed to fire, the smoke will fly straight and soar.

Currently, Ky Nam flags worldwide are divided into 4 types: Bach Ky, Thanh Ky, Huynh Ky and  Ky. Among them, Bach Ky is considered the most premium product.

"Bach Ky's period is considered a relic in the wood, the ultimate product of Agarwood," said Su Tuan Sieu, a market expert at Panjiayuan in the Antiquities Valuation program. "You have to practice for three lifetimes before you can meet a man."

Chinese folk also have many ways of talking about Bach Ky period. Some say, in order to smell the Ky Nam flag, it is necessary to accumulate negative virtues for three generations; And if you cultivate the blessings of 8 generations, you can enjoy Ky Nam incense. Therefore, many people consider Ky Nam as "diamond in spices".

The Chinese expert added that, among all types of male flags, Bach Ky Nam is considered the rarest and the ultimate product of the best. In addition, according to it, in addition to the feng shui effect, Ky Nam's period also has a very good healing effect. Even its chips can sell for 3-5000 yuan / 1 gram (ranging from 11-18 million VND).

Vietnam - the country that owns the superior Ky Nam

Trung Quốc 'thèm thuồng' săn lùng báu vật Việt Nam: Cực phẩm của cực phẩm bạch kỳ nam

Trung Quốc 'thèm thuồng' săn lùng báu vật Việt Nam: Cực phẩm của cực phẩm bạch kỳ nam trầm hương

Beads made from very valuable Nha Trang Bach Ky  are sold in China. Photo:

Ky Nam breeds in Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia or Hainan Island (China).

However, according to Chinese male hunters, Nha Trang - Vietnam is the most famous Agarwood trading place in the world and this region is also the most famous. In particular, Nha Trang jasmine (Vietnam) is currently the standard for evaluating the quality of all production regions.

The Chinese also believe that the scent of Vietnamese white cypress is the best in the fragrance of the Ky Nam flag in general. "The monolithic Bach Ky Nam has a strong aroma, sliced ​​into the incense burner, the fragrance will explode very strongly, then gradually change into five distinct layers of scent from refreshing, honey, milky, floral and fruity flavor".

Vietnam's southern reserves are currently the largest, but they are gradually becoming scarce due to the demand of the consumer market.

The Four Book of Encyclopedias (China) once recorded that the southern period of Champa (now Central Vietnam extending from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan) was the best. From ancient times, there is a saying: "The southern period of Champa, a slice of gold". The triumphant inspection of the Chinese Admiral Trinh Hoa mentioned the southern period of Champa as follows: "If there are male flags in the mountains, the chiefs send people to look after the exploitation, the common people can't get it, if there are thieves, If found, they will cut off their hands."

A leading research expert in Vietnam's Agarwood industry said: "Ky nam is a specialty and treasure of Vietnam. It not only gives an indescribable, mysterious and elegant scent but also has the ability to treat Whether".

Why can Vietnam own precious treasures?
In addition to Nha Trang (Vietnam), many other countries' lands are also the birthplaces of Ky Nam's period. Historically, Hainan (China) and countries on the Indochinese Peninsula such as Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia all have records of the exploitation of the antlers.

But why do these lands have extremely limited production, so that only Nha Trang of Vietnam is dominant?

Actually, this can be explained from two aspects.

Firstly, Vietnam's Agarwood or Agarwood has a long history of exploitation
Since ancient times, Vietnam has been the main source of Agarwood for China and its unique sweet taste has become the cultural memory of this country. When Vietnam became a colony of France, at that time one of the main tasks of the French colonial government in Vietnam was to find Agarwood and transport it back to the country to refine first-class perfume.

After that, during the two world wars, the exploitation of Agarwood in the whole Indochina peninsula stopped. At the same time, due to the national defense wars, during this time, Vietnam exploited Agarwood less than other Agarwood production areas, so many Agarwood Agarwood species have been preserved.

The second is the environmental factor
Since ancient times, when the production of Agarwood (Agarwood) in Vietnam was relatively abundant, Vietnam's Agarwood (Agarwood) was considered the best.

Why did the ancients often divide Agarwood, the male period according to the place of origin? Because the water and soil environment have a great influence on the quality of Agarwood, Agarwood. Agarwood, agarwood, after successful completion of incense will go through a long condensed cycle. During this stage, Agarwood, Agarwood will absorb the surrounding odor molecules, and then continue to slowly condense into its own characteristic flavor. Therefore, it can be said that the surrounding water and soil environment largely determines the quality of Agarwood.

Vietnam has a coastline stretching from the North to the South and the sea water in Nha Trang is of the highest quality in Asia. As Agarwood, the first male period, the requirements for the water and soil environment are also very high. And only in Nha Trang (Vietnam) can you conceive the best Agarwood in the world.

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