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Vegetable dishes for Lunar New Year

In recent years, the trend of offering vegetarian food on anniversaries and New Year's holidays is increasing because people are beginning to realize the health benefits of a vegetarian diet and the spiritual significance of this offering. vegetarian meal. However, cooking a vegetarian meal is not easy for many people. If you order a vegetarian meal at a restaurant, the cost for a tray is not small, besides, cooking it yourself for offerings means showing respect to your ancestors.

With the purpose of giving more motivation to people to cook vegetarian meals on Tet holiday, Tram Tue team made a vegetarian tray with dishes made from easy-to-find fresh vegetable ingredients, simple processing, Cost-effective yet beautiful and delicious. The dishes are considered by us to make the most of the ingredients to avoid waste. We hope that you will have a peaceful and warm Tet meal with your family.

Mâm cỗ chay ngày Tết ngon, đẹp, dễ làm

1. Spring rolls 

Mâm cỗ chay ngày Tết ngon, đẹp, dễ làm gỏi cuốn nem thính cuốn


Oyster mushroom (abalone mushroom): 200g
Fresh vermicelli: 200g
Vegetarian seasoning
Sticky rice: 3 tablespoons
Herbs, lettuce, shredded carrots
Dipping sauce: vegetarian fish sauce, lemon, chili, sugar

Wash mushrooms with dilute salt water, squeeze dry. Remember to squeeze gently to avoid crushing the mushrooms
Sauté mushrooms with a little oil and seasoning. Stir-fry until the mushrooms are dry, then turn off the heat. Wait for the mushrooms to cool, then sprinkle the hearing into the mix
Use rice paper rolls into bite-sized rolls: the filling includes raw vegetables, fresh vermicelli, mixed mushrooms
When eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce

2. Vegetarian sausage with white sticky rice

Mâm cỗ chay ngày Tết ngon, đẹp, dễ làm nấm xá xíu xôi trắng dẻo


Chicken thighs mushroom (baby mushrooms or small mushrooms): 300g
Vegetarian sausage powder: 2 tbsp 
Cooking oil: 1 tablespoon
Vegetarian seasoning: 3 tablespoons cf
White sticky rice served with

Marinate mushrooms with char siu powder, cooking oil, seasoning seeds for 30-60 minutes. Then add about 40ml of water
Braise mushrooms on low heat for about 30 minutes and then turn off the heat (if using large mushrooms, double the cooking time).
When the mushrooms are cooled, cut them into thin pieces and serve with white sticky rice
If you like to use a lot of char siu sauce, add more water and add vegetarian sausage powder.

3. Taro square spring rolls
Spring rolls, also known as spring rolls, are an indispensable dish on Tet holiday, however, wrapping and rolling spring rolls and filling them with a variety of ingredients makes many people shy. Stemming from that reason, Tram Tue team has created a simple but delicious and strange recipe. Square rolls are also faster and easier than round rolls, saving a lot of time.

Mâm cỗ chay ngày Tết ngon, đẹp, dễ làm nem vuông khoai môn


Taro (purple) : 200g
Carrots: 100g
Deep fried dough: 1 tablespoon
  Abalone mushrooms (shell mushrooms): 100g
Coriander (coriander)
Vegetarian seasoning, pepper
Ha Tinh rice paper or ram shell
White salt

Taro, grated carrot, put in a bowl, sprinkle 2 teaspoons of salt in to stir well, leave for about 30 minutes. At this time, the potatoes and carrots will come out of water, you squeeze dry, drain the water to reduce saltiness, squeeze dry, put in a basket to dry.
Shredded abalone mushrooms, chopped coriander
Put all the above ingredients in a bowl, season with seasoning, pepper and sprinkle with fried flour, mix well
Put the filling into the package into each square spring rolls about 5 * 5cm in size
Fried spring rolls golden, crispy. If you want the spring rolls to stay crispy for a long time, you can fry them twice, the first time you deep-fry them with oil, the second time you fry them on low heat with very little oil.