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Startup story of Tram Tue

Maybe few people believe that we are born into this world because of predestined conditions, responsibilities or missions to be completed. It is only when we drift and sink with the rushing waves of life, and then one day return to the inner silence that we find the door to enter a new journey - JOURNEY of return and dedication.



Indeed, predestined conditions are something very special, just like a fragrant bud will bloom. Spring 2012 is a time marking the change of a person who is pondering about the direction of life when a rare and special predestined relationship has brought Mr. Hoang Van Huong to Buddhism. Like a beam of light illuminating the mystery of ignorance for so long, he immediately made a vow to become a true Buddhist and adhere to the Truc Lam Zen School of Vietnam. This is also the starting point for the journey of founding the Tram Tue brand - a brand of the heart, of sincerity and determination to practice the religious teachings of the religious life carefully.



Every way is the same, every journey is the same, rarely straight without bumps. To have Truc Lam Quan Tue (TLQT) today, we have to go back to those early days... Like many other true Buddhists, Mr. Huong spends a lot of time studying the scriptures, records, and teachings of the Buddha. Buddha and use incense sold on the market to worship Buddha and meditate. He himself went everywhere looking for a clean incense product so that he could safely meditate and worship Buddha every day. Once, he bought boxes of incense sticks from a temple in the South to Hanoi to give to friends and relatives because they were introduced to be clean incense.

However, when using it, he still felt not completely secure. Witnessing many gentlemen and ladies suffering from respiratory diseases, sinuses, lungs, etc. due to frequent inhalation of chemical incense smoke, they looked at all the relatives, brothers, and friends who had no family that could not bear the use of incense. chemicals every holiday. A pain multiplies in his heart every day: When will Buddhists in particular and the Vietnamese community in general be allowed to use clean incense?


Phật tử dùng nhang hoá chất


At that time, the incense in his mind were just legends about the miracle of the wood with the fragrance of the fairy world. One day, he was advised by a teacher: "You should bring incense in you to avoid bad gases from entering...". The first concept of incense was just ignited when he experienced the fragrance from incense with a feeling of serenity, lightness of body and mind, peace and joy in his heart. The idea of ​​producing clean agarwood incense flashed and burned in his heart, he worked hard to find out the source of agarwood raw materials. Difficulties began to arise when it was discovered that in addition to natural agarwood, there were also clean and dirty artificial agarwoods that were confused, real and fake, difficult to distinguish.



He reunited with his soulmate who had spent many years side by side - Mr. Trinh Ba Sy. Incidentally, at this time Mr. Sy is starting to learn and trade agarwood. Two ideas meet, reaching the same goal.

In September 2016, during a farmer's fair, met a good source of agarwood raw materials in Quang Nam, asked a production problem and received approval, the two men and one more friend - Mr. Tran Manh Hung - who also full of enthusiasm and determination, embarked on arranging the first bricks to build Tram Tue brand.

On November 6, 2016, the first Agarwood incense product was born in the joy, expectation and enthusiasm of all company brothers. The first days of establishment were full of difficulties and hardships. The product is of high quality but has just entered the market, the way for the product to reach consumers is not easy. At that time, there was only one thing like a lighthouse guiding each member of Tram Tue, which was the sincerity from the bottom of the heart, the love from the heart to everyone, and the belief in the things that matter. treat.

I don't know when, each individual suddenly merged into a cohesive team, together overcoming the initial difficulties with wings from countless love beliefs of the first customers until later.


Đội ngũ Trầm Tuệ hành hương Yên Tử


They say, the more you give the more you get. That Lunar New Year , Tram Tue met a great predestined relationship when a gentleman introduced a scientist who had studied agarwood for the past 20 years. This is really a big turning point in Tram Tue's development journey. He opened for TLQT to see the whole Vietnamese agarwood industry, toxic acid agarwood mixed with clean agarwood created from microbial agarwood production technology. He gave Agarwood (Agarwood) Tue knowledge and technology to create micro-organic agarwood. From this moment, Agarwood has taken its first steps in creating a source of clean micro-organism agarwood to serve production, being proactive about the supply as well as the quality of raw materials.


quy trình sản xuất nhang trầm sạch



Tram Tue continued to meet an elderly scientist with more than 40 years of passionate dedication, devoted his life to Aquilaria crassna and the cultivation of micro-agarwood. There was a time when that passion caused his family to fall into a difficult situation, but his pain about Vietnamese agarwood has never been extinguished. It can be said that he is like the person who untied the last knot, removing all obstacles and secrets about the technology of creating micro-agarwood. The story of him and this special friendship cannot be described in just a few words. Perhaps a special occasion should be taken to write about him as a tribute that Tram Tue has for this respected scientist.

After those difficult early days, Tram Tue was now able to stand on their own feet. The way forward is clearly oriented step by step, step by step to become a clean microbiological agarwood production enterprise with full resources from raw material creation techniques to the closed production process of agarwood finished products and Strict quality control. Although Agarwood is young, it inherits desirable scientific knowledge experiences forged by veteran scientists who have spent their whole lives working with the Vietnamese agarwood industry. In order to take a big step forward, marking his name in the hearts of customers like today, Tram Tue has sincerely built the foundation for his business philosophy on the core basis: "honesty"; humbly learn to absorb science and technology; building a team of kind-hearted, enthusiastic, and unifying staff to serve the society and people.


các đại sứ Trung Đông ghé thăm

CEO Tram Tue receives the Middle East delegation

Tram Tue has devoted her whole heart to being honest, letting their true heart guide their journey, sending love to receive a lot of love in return. And as a rule, when you receive a lot, it is time to give back to society more. Starting with "Huong Tu Tam", now what Tram Tue wants is "Spreading Faith - Sharing Truth". The road ahead is still very long, everyone's spreading faith gives Tram Tue wings to share the truth from heart to heart, to dedicate and serve with whole heart.


Company name

The name Truc Lam Quan Tue Company means: Truc Lam word is only for Truc Lam Tinh Xa - the first Buddhist vihara. And Truc Lam also refers to the Vietnamese Truc Lam Zen sect, which is the practice that Mr. Hoang Van Huong and his brothers and co-founders have followed. Quan Tue means using the Wisdom of Bat Nha to consider the true appearance of the generals - the generals are not of the generals. In Buddhism, there is a saying, "Knowledge of the business" which means taking wisdom as a career.








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