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Agarwood essential oil - King of essential oil

Agarwood essential oil is known as the "king" of essential oils. They are not only used in the perfumery industry, but also in the medical field, agarwood essential oil is also highly appreciated by experts. This is an essential oil with a high price, but undeniably the great benefits it brings to health.
Overview of Agarwood essential oil
Tinh dau Tram known in English as Agarwood essential oil, is extracted from the resin of the oil-contaminated Aquilaria crassna tree by steam distillation. The scientific name of the tree is Aquilaria crassna Pierre ex Lecomte, belonging to the Agarwood family - Thymelaeaceae. This is a woody plant that mainly grows in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam.
The resinous part on the do Bau tree, which accumulates oil for a long time is called Agarwood. They are dark in color and have a distinctive fragrance. Agarwood is strange because the scent of each tree is not the same and not all trees are agar. Therefore, the value of Agarwood essential oil is higher. This is a precious essential oil, used since ancient times with many health benefits.
Inside this essential oil are many different chemical components, which have properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and protective properties against the effects of UV rays. Thereby, Agarwood essential oil is used a lot in health care.
Tinh dầu trầm hương - vua của các loại tinh dầu
Agarwood essential oil is extracted (extracted) from the resin of the oil-contaminated Aquilaria crassna by steam distillation.
Composition of Agarwood essential oil
Agarwood essential oil has the following chemical components:
Agarol (sesquiterpene)
Aquillochin (couinarinolignan)
α- agarofurans
β- agarofurans
Iso- dihydroagarofura
Health benefits of Agarwood essential oil
Sleep well, reduce stress, depression
This is the oldest and most prominent use of this essential oil. The scent of warm, sweet agarwood has a classic direction, bringing comfort to the user. Agarwood essential oil is considered as a natural therapy to help relax the mind, reduce stress, and improve concentration. It also reduces the risk of depression and aids in the treatment of chronic insomnia that is common in the elderly.

Prevents the growth of cancer
Through a study evaluating the impact of Agarwood essential oil on the growth of breast cancer cells, the following conclusions were made: Agarwood essential oil contains components capable of preventing cell growth. breast cancer cells. It is worth mentioning that this essential oil can also destroy mutated tumors. However, there have not been many studies on this issue, it is necessary to wait for more research results from scientists.
Tinh dầu trầm hương - vua của các loại tinh dầu1
Agarwood essential oil is known as the "king" of essential oils. They are not only used in the perfumery industry, but also in the medical field, agarwood essential oil is also highly appreciated by experts.
Good for the digestive system
Since the last century, the Indians have known to use Agarwood essential oil in supporting the treatment of digestive diseases. This is considered a laxative, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, and diuretic. So, when you have problems related to the digestive tract, you should rub a little Agarwood oil around the abdomen. Menstruating women by doing so will reduce the pain from contractions.
Pain relief
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, Agarwood essential oil becomes a medicine to help relieve joint pain and muscle aches. Massaging agarwood essential oil into the forehead and temples also helps relieve headaches quite effectively.
Reduce symptoms of allergies in the upper respiratory tract
Agarwood essential oil helps to deal with symptoms of allergies such as cough, sore, itchy eyes, sneezing, irritation, runny nose, watery eyes...

Effective skin care
Agarwood essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties and is often used for skin care and acne treatment. Using Agarwood essential oil helps to improve aging skin conditions such as wrinkles, sagging, loss of elasticity, reduce acne, brighten skin. In addition, it also helps protect the skin against ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun as well as free radicals. As a result, reducing the rate of skin cancer, reducing the impact of UV rays will slow down skin aging and reduce the appearance of dark spots.
In particular, this essential oil can also soothe the skin when sunburned or swollen due to insect bites.
Stimulating sex
According to some studies, aromatherapy with Agarwood oil has the effect of boosting sex drive in humans. People who have decreased sex drive due to a number of reasons such as prolonged stress, menopause ... can improve this situation by steaming oil.
Raw materials for making flavoring agents in perfumery, high-class cosmetics
Because of its concentrated nature, when making perfumes, manufacturers often give a small amount of Agarwood essential oil to help the scent complete and last for a long time. Besides, they are also added to high-end cosmetic lines because they contain many compounds that are good for the skin.