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How to use Agarwood Powder save and bring the best efficiency?

The scent of Agarwood is rustic, mysterious of nature. In the past, people often burned pieces of Agarwood directly to inhale, helping the fragrance spread faster. However, direct burning often encounters problems such as having to use burning coal or specialized coal, the piece catches fire quickly but it is also quite expensive and smokes a lot if you don't know how to use the right amount of bass. So agarwood powder was created to overcome the limitations of agarwood pieces. For economical and effective agarwood fumigation, please refer to some of the following popular methods of fumigating agarwood powder.

Burn agarwood directly with fire

Direct burning with fire is the simplest and most used method. With this method, you only need to prepare a small plate, bowl or pot of copper, ceramic, porcelain to make a furnace. Then take a spoon to scoop the powder on top of the nebulizers, make the powder into a sharp tip, light it on the top of the dough, hold it for a few seconds to start the fire. Agarwood powder will burn slowly under the flame, spreading a gentle fragrance throughout the space.
Agarwood is a product with a very simple way to smoke / burn
However, because Agarwood powder must maintain its own combustion, it is easy to extinguish in the middle. This way of burning has a fast steaming time and a strong, smoky incense. When opening an office, going to a new home or going to a place where there is a lot of cold air, people often choose such a way to spray powder directly to make the space warm faster.

Burn agarwood powder with charcoal

This is also a popular way to burn agarwood powder directly. With this method, instead of lighting agarwood powder on fire, we will put the burning coals into the furnace first, then add the Agarwood powder.
bột trầm hương chiêu tài dẫn lộc

Agarwood incense sticks with agarwood liners to help the incense retain its sweet aroma

This way of smoking agarwood powder helps the amount of fragrance to radiate strongly, but the burning time is also fast, suitable for large spaces that need a lot of agarwood smoke to diffuse. Many people take advantage of the ash of agarwood powder after burning it to make a lining, put agarwood pieces or agarwood buds on top to help reduce the heat when steaming, keeping the original incense.

Use Agarwood Set 

One of the methods often chosen in the bass player world is the bass player. By shaping agarwood powder, it both brings aesthetic value and helps the enjoyment of incense become complete. The smoke is quiet and light, like a floating cloud; Combined with the sweet, delicate scent, the moment seems to settle down, the space is full of peace.

bộ chơi trầm bột hương đạo Nhật Bản

By using a burning mold to create a slow-burning agarwood powder and a softer fragrance.

Use electric incense burner 

The electric steam room is a product created to overcome the limitations of the traditional method of burning agarwood and is considered extremely convenient. With this method, we just need to put a suitable amount of agarwood powder in a small aluminum tray and then put it in the urn, plug in the power and adjust the buttons with the appropriate temperature preset. The electric energy will automatically be converted into heat, heating the censer and the incense will slowly release its fragrance.


lư điện xông trầm trong phòng tiết kiệm hiệu quả

With the optimal feature of temperature adjustment and power-off time, the electric heater is the perfect choice for families who want to use bass often.

The way to smoke/burn agarwood powder with an electric burner is favored by many Agarwood believers because it is extremely easy to use, safe and the steaming time is set according to demand, providing the most optimal incense sauna experience.

Above is some information on how to use Agarwood Agarwood powder that I would like to share with you. Hopefully this useful article has contributed to answering your questions and helping you find a method of fumigation with the most suitable agarwood powder.

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