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Vietnam - Taiwan cultural exchanges festival at trading Taiwan

In the cold of Hanoi in the days leading up to Tet, on January 16, 2021, at the bustling Tram Tue headquarters, the event of the Vietnam - Taiwan Cultural Exchange Festival took place.

Tram Tue is honored to be a co-organizer of the event with the Taiwan Tourism Promotion Agency in Vietnam. Attending the event were the presence of Mr. Thach Thuy Ky, Chief Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam, Mr. Derek Chou - Head of the Taiwan Tourism Promotion Agency in Vietnam, and the presence. of a number of Taiwanese and Vietnamese enterprises and press agencies and television stations.

The Ambassador of Taiwan made a speech

This event is organized for the purpose of cultural exchange between Vietnam and Taiwan, the program content includes: Introduction of traditional Tet culture of the two countries through activities such as: wrapping Vietnamese banh chung, making Taiwanese pancakes Loan, calligraphy, culture of enjoying tea...



The highlight of the program was that Tram Tue recreated the five-fruit tray on the New Year's Day of the North and South, shared the meaning of banh chung and banh day, the meaning of the five-fruit tray, and introduced life through a tray of Tet jam. Vietnamese-Taiwanese vegetarian cuisine... The guests were very impressed with Tram Tue's Zen Tea show, which directs everyone to silence, letting go and relaxation. In addition, the guests were also introduced to Agarwood, see the production process of Agarwood. The guests enjoying the vegetarian buffet all praised and praised.

Monk Tue Van (Culinary Artist Nguyen Dzoan Cam Van) introduces the quintessence of Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine

We hope that this event is a premise for the next international cultural exchange programs so that Tram Tue can spread the beauty of Vietnamese culture to the world and share the values of living towards good. , taking the business motto of putting the community's interests first to create a community of businesses with the same purpose of Service.

Please take a look at some more photos from the event:

Recreate the custom of displaying five-fruit trays in the North and South regions

Vietnamese Tet jam's tray

Tea meditation performed by Tea Master Cup 2016 Nguyen Viet Hung

Calligraphy performed by the Institute of Han Nom

Vietnamese tea culture

Introducing Taiwanese Vegetarian Cuisine

Enjoy vegetarian cuisine