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6 ways to "lights up" your house

The way to adjust the increase of yang in the house is to help the flow of life become stronger and balance yin and yang. Human qi, natural qi and earth qi merge will help each person's life better.

What is vitality?
Vitality in the Sino-Vietnamese dictionary is a combination of the two words "Sinh" and "Qi", but each word has its own profound meaning.

"Birth" means the germ of life, the good reproduction and development. "Birth" is also one of the most important stages of human life in: birth, old age, illness, and death.

“Gas” is a form of matter that exists next to us that we cannot see or grasp such as: Air, wind, etc. Qi nourishes, strongly affects the life and development of anything in life.


The impact of vitality on humans
If people live in a place with abundant Vitality, this powerful energy field is very good for health, spirit, and a peaceful life. On the contrary, a weak vitality will make the owner's family likely to have health problems.

According to some feng shui studies, vitality is not born naturally. It was actually created based on the complex relationship between Human Qi, Earth Qi, and Heaven Qi. During human activities in the natural environment, the three gases mentioned above affect each other, creating many different microwave fields. These microwave fields are divided into vital and evil energies.

Illustration (Source: Internet)

As for the house itself, which is considered to have vitality, it must converge factors such as light, just enough for the spaces. Rooms must comply with the principle of light and wind to push out spontaneous toxic gases in the house (kitchen gas, sanitary gas, moldy ....). In addition, different living habits and layout of household items also form a fresh, joyful, vibrant living space that is more or less different.

The spaces that are said to be "secret" of vitality are those that are closed, keeping toxic gases in the room that cannot escape and lack natural light. At the same time, those spaces are located on a whole, the terrain is not good such as a lot of noise, polluted air, low-lying land, lack of surrounding landscape... The secret spaces often create spaces. secretive, cramped, causing a feeling of imbalance and stress for the people living in it.