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Tram Tue join the regional species and consumer products in Times City - Ha Noi - 2022

Times City Fair is Tram Tue's first fair in Hanoi after more than a year of being affected by the epidemic. Now everything is gradually returning to its inherent peaceful rhythm. We are extremely excited and try to prepare in the best way to have the opportunity to get closer to everyone, meet old friends and introduce new - clean - clean products from Agarwood, good for the health of family members.

Trầm Tuệ tham gia Hội chợ Hàng tiêu dùng và đặc sản vùng miền 2022

Booth number 22, 23 of Tram Tue

The fair was held on a large scale with more than 100 booths, more than 4000 products of 100 enterprises across the country. Products for sale include: Electronics - Electrical appliances, consumer goods, fashion, home appliances, cosmetics, telecommunications, key technologies, cuisine, regional specialties... This is a regular event. The year is always welcomed by the capital's consumers, businesses and tourists, waiting to visit, shop and experience the culture of the region of Vietnam.

Trầm Tuệ ưu đãi Hội chợ Hàng tiêu dùng và đặc sản vùng miền khu đô thị Times city 2022

Attractive promotions for customers who buy directly at the Fair

Within the framework of the Fair, there are also activities to connect trade, promotion, gift giving, trial, product demonstration, direct promotion to domestic and international organizations and businesses in the city. 

Trầm Tuệ khuyến mãi Hội chợ Hàng tiêu dùng và đặc sản vùng miền khu vincom mega mall 2022

We hope that customers and friends near and far can arrange a time to visit Tram Tue's booth (opposite Vinmec Hospital) to enjoy incense and a cup of sweet agarwood tea. There are many attractive offers and special gifts during the 7 days of the Fair that we have prepared for our customers.

🏟 Address: Times City Urban Area - No. 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

⏰ Time: 8am - 9pm from May 27 to June 2, 2022