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Reduce stress before the University entrance exam

Mental disorders, anxiety, and depression tend to increase among school children, especially during exam season. The main reason is due to exam pressure. So how can you help your child reduce stress before the exam?

Why are children prone to stress before exams?

Currently, in fact, the number of students and students who are forced to study freely is increasing and this is an alarming number. Experts warn: Excessive exam stress is a dangerous psychological factor that needs to be recognized.
giúp con giảm căng thẳng trước kì thi
The pressure to get good results makes children always feel tired before each important exam (Illustration image. Source: Internet)

Uncontrollable excess stress will impact and cause very serious effects. Poor academic results are not as expected, making children depressed, difficult to integrate into normal life and affecting the future. The causes of stress in children are:

  • Exam pressure from family, teachers, friends, pressure on grades, etc. Children with weak psychology are easily emotional, often hear criticism from parents, or are compared with other children. classmates, being forced by parents to learn things that children themselves don't like or pressured when they get bad grades, being criticized by teachers, failing subjects, etc., making children worry, causing unresolvable stress.
  • Level-up exams, rushing to study well to do well, make children not able to absorb all the knowledge. Consequences leading to anxiety and insecurity that occur before the exam make children study ineffectively, and the score is not achieved as expected. After that, the child continues to be criticized, the stress increases with it's psychological pressure. Gradually, children are prone to anxiety and depression disorders; Children may eventually engage in self-destructive behaviors such as suicide, dissatisfaction, etc.
Parents should accompany their children to find ways to relieve long-term stress (Illustration image. Source: Internet)
  • The daily study score is so low the exam is required to achieve high results in order to pass the subject, which puts more pressure on children.
  • There is no one to share, sympathize with, listen to before those pressures.
  • Haven't found effective learning methods that make children forget quickly. Every day, children can remember how to do the test, but when it comes to the exam, they quickly forget it.
  • Parents demand too much from their children, exceed their children's learning ability, do not accept their children's true abilities, and force their children to achieve their parents' wishes..
  • If you can talk to your child, you can know the common symptoms before the exam such as: Sweating, nervous palpitations, heart palpitations, feeling nauseous, abdominal pain, wanting to go to the toilet, trembling hands and feet , poor sleep, feeling headache, muscle pain. Emotional instability: crying, anxiety, restlessness, restlessness, irritability, restlessness and overreaction to everyday events and an inability to get rid of anxiety there.

How to help your child relieve stress before exams?

Parents do not put pressure on their children in anyway:

  • Do not ask your child to be like other children of the same age, absolutely do not compare their learning results with other children, do not ask their children to achieve very high results or be first in the class. Parents should learn to listen to understand their children, care about their children's learning, know how well their children are learning, and have the most appropriate standards for their children.
  • Encourage children with gifts instead of rewards to motivate them to strive and encourage them to continue trying in the following exams.
  • Before the exam, you should make your child feel secure, mentally comfortable. Parents should regularly encourage their children by confiding, talking softly, and cooking foods they like. You can put on your child's desk a relaxing piece of bass or a basswood tree. Sweet incense and light smoke help you calm down and relieve stress
trầm hương giảm căng thẳng trước kì thi
Sweet incense and light smoke help you calm down and relieve stress
  • If your child gets a low score, you need to stay calm, don't scold, nag, don't criticize, disparage your child, put your child in a dead end, don't say hurtful things like: "I'm disappointed in you. ", "You don't have much money to study", "You have affected the family's honor", "You disappear from sight"... The angry words of parents can be dangerous. can make children sad, lose their temper, want to run away from home, commit suicide, ...
  • Parents need to learn how to listen to find out the cause such as their child's poor performance in this subject, their child not knowing how to do this type of test, or spontaneously entering the exam room to forget everything,... so that they can find a way to overcome it for their child.
  • Encourage children with loving words like family, parents are always a place of love and protection for children.
  • Parents help children learn. Parents should be like a confidant of their children, sharing learning experiences to help their children have good and effective learning methods.
  • Encourage children to participate in sports. Guide children to play sports they like such as cycling, jogging, soccer, badminton... relax their mind with TV, games,...
  • Make sure you get enough and deep sleep. Parents need to pay attention to their children's sleep, getting enough sleep helps their children improve their mind and ability to concentrate. If your child is stressed, having trouble sleeping, you can give him agarwood tea instead of filtered water every day. With active ingredients from Agarwood, Agarwood tea has the effect of reducing anxiety and sleep disorders.
trà trầm chữa rối loạn lo âu trước kì thi
With active ingredients from Agarwood, Agarwood tea has the effect of reducing anxiety and sleep disorders

Healthy nutrition for children. The diet ensures the necessary energy source during the tough exam. Should eat a lot  of fruits, vegetables, grains, high-protein dishes... Avoid abuse of stimulants such as tea, coffee, tobacco...
When seeing that their child has abnormal behavior, speech, prolonged insomnia, parents need to immediately take their child to see a psychologist for examination, advice and appropriate treatment. fit
Wishing the soldiers  keep calm, confident and achieve good results as desired. For advice on Agarwood products, please contact hotline: (+84)977023696.