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Deciphering the reason for the burning of incense was turned off and the predictions circulated

When going to the ceremony, sometimes the burning incense is extinguished midway. Many people believe that incense is a foreshadowing of something coming to the family. So what is the reality of this future? What to do when faced with such a situation?

What does burning incense mean?

Burning incense is a long-standing tradition of our people. Normally, each family will burn incense on New Year's Eve, the first day of the New Year, the first days of the month, the full moon day and the anniversary of the death anniversary... Compress incense on the altar as a way to connect with ancestors. Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Fairies, Gods of Wealth, Ong Dia... to pray for peace and luck for the family.

According to the concept of the ancients, if burning incense at New Year's Eve or the beginning of the new year, but it is extinguished, it is an omen of bad luck, signaling a year of bad business, failure or family mourning or bad luck. That year will probably be a drought year, if the owner is planning to do business, start a business or go somewhere far away, it is best to postpone it to next year. Because they think that New Year's Eve is the time when heaven and earth change, spiritual energy converges, so it is extremely "sacred".

Giải mã hiện tượng thắp hương bị tắt và những điềm báo lưu truyền

Some people even divide a stick of incense into three parts, the incense is extinguished in any part, signaling bad things will happen in that part. Then there are many notions, taboos on many things around the fact that the incense is turned off, causing people to fear unreasonably. However, from the perspective of the Buddha, good or bad luck comes from cause and effect, an honest life will bring luck. We should remove such baseless notions.

The reason why incense burning is turned off halfway

There are many reasons why the incense stick does not burn completely, coming from the impact of natural factors such as wind, rain, high air humidity, poor quality incense and moldy... Specifically:

  • Water-soaked incense: This is not an uncommon situation, especially with low-lying altars like the altar of the God of Fortune. You can be careless to let a few drops of water fall on the incense, causing the incense to be extinguished midway
  • Incense is damp due to weather: This is one of the common reasons why incense goes out while being lit. Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, prone to hot and humid weather. On hot days, if you leave the incense outside without wrapping it, it will easily become moldy
  • The wind is too strong: Compressing incense when burning often maintains a small, low flame that is easily extinguished when there is a sudden strong wind. You should pay attention to see if the incense goes out there is a strong wind blowing through or not!
  • Incense rings are stuck together: This error only occurs for incense sticks. The incense sticks are stuck together due to a manufacturing error. Note that before using your hands to gently separate the incense sticks so that they do not stick together, this phenomenon will not occur.

tại sao nhang không cháy hết tỉ lệ bột keo

It is very important to compress the incense to burn off the powder and glue ratio in the production process

How to solve when the incense is turned off midway

If you are in the ceremony and the incense is extinguished midway, you just need to light the fire to burn the incense, do not throw the incense stick away. Before burning incense, you should carefully check that the incense stick is not damp. You should take a sufficient amount of incense and arrange it in a jar or box. The unused incense you put in a zip bag, add a few desiccant packs and tie it up to be stored in a high, solemn, dry area, so that the incense does not get wet. In case the incense shows signs of moisture, you take a hair dryer to adjust the cool level and dry through the incense sticks. Taking advantage of sunny days, you can bring the incense to dry, but be careful not to expose it to the hot sun, which can easily bend the incense stick and crack the incense powder.

nhang tắt điềm gì

Drying in the sun helps the scent to dry and avoid mold

In addition, you should also choose incense from reputable brands. Most of the cheap incense sold widely on the market do not indicate the origin as well as the composition of the incense tree. Incense smoke when lit contains chemicals that will be dangerous to users' health.

All of the above omens are only derived from folk beliefs, without specific scientific evidence. Most of the time, the burning of incense is turned off due to external influences, you do not need to be too worried if you encounter this situation.