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The truth about cooking contrarian foods

In recent years, there has been information about the incompatible foods when cooking, or when combining eating in a meal, causing the risk of death, cancer.... Then there are documents passed from hand to hand. about incompatible foods. There are foods that are inherently cooked together for "thousands of generations", suddenly there is information that not being combined will cause one or another effect that confuses many people. To answer some of these doubts, Tram Tue spent time researching official documents from experts, nutritionists and scientific sources such as the National Institute of Nutrition, etc.

Each region has different dishes, the food combination is very good. There are dishes together that can cause bloating, indigestion, reduced nutrients, but not cancer, diarrhea, even death as in the traditional documents. Dr. Kim Lien affirmed: “There is no scientific basis to prove that the dishes are incompatible with each other. We have never made any recommendations about incompatible foods.”

In fact, both Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thanh and Dr. Lien said that they had never heard of poisoning or death due to eating incompatible food, perhaps poisoning due to unsanitary food. And if there are actually cases of poisoning and mass deaths caused by food combinations, the authorities will have to do scientific research and make recommendations on the use of food. In fact, this is just unverified information.

Doctor-CKII Do Thi Ngoc Diep, Vice President of the Vietnam Nutrition Association affirmed: “There are no studies proving that food pairs are incompatible and cause toxicity, even death. Hospitals have also never recorded cases of poisoning or death due to eating incompatible food pairs."

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nguyen Duy Thinh, Faculty of Food Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology affirmed that the information that food is incompatible causing death is just a rumor. “Scientifically, there are absolutely no incompatible foods that lead to death. There are only foods that can synergistically or limit each other's effects."

Rumors and Facts

Tomatoes and potatoes

thực phẩm kỵ nhau cà chua khoai tây

Rumor: Tomatoes and potatoes when cooked together, pectin and phenolic resin in tomatoes combined with the high starch content of potatoes can cause digestive disorders, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea in children with poor digestive system.

Fact: This has no scientific basis. Tomatoes and potatoes can be cooked and eaten together. In the food industry, people also use potato starch as an additive to make ketchup. In agriculture, people have combined tomatoes with potatoes to produce more powdery tomatoes. In fact, tomatoes and potatoes are both very nutrient-dense foods. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals needed by each of us. Eating these two foods also helps strengthen the body's resistance.


Pork liver with bean sprouts

Rumor: Don't cook pork liver with bean sprouts. Because of the bean sprouts, vegetables need to contain a lot of vitamin C; while animal liver has a fairly high content of copper, iron and some other metal elements, which easily causes vitamin C to be oxidized during processing. Not only that, in bean sprouts, celery, carrots contain a lot of cellulose and oxalic acid, which affects the absorption of iron in pig liver, losing the nutritional value of both these foods.

Fact: This is not scientifically true. Specifically: Some minerals such as iron (non-heme iron, found in meat and many plants), zinc in food can be better absorbed when eaten with foods rich in vitamin C. Cellulose and acid Oxalic does not affect iron absorption. Only foods containing a lot of phytate when ingested can reduce the absorption of minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium ...


Eggs and garlic

trứng tỏi kỵ nhau ung thư ngộ độc

Rumor: Eating garlic with eggs is deadly dangerous? Many people believe that garlic should not be eaten with eggs because it can be deadly.

Fact: From a scientific perspective, this is just a rumor, because there is no evidence that these two ingredients are incompatible. When combining these two ingredients, garlic - eggs can cause indigestion and bloating for users. Because each average egg 17g contains up to 220mg cholesterol and a lot of fat, mainly saturated acid; Garlic is hot. But it also only causes a full stomach, not creating toxins like people often "tell" each other.


Eggs, tomatoes and green onions

canh cà chua  trứng hành lá

Rumor: If you eat eggs with tomatoes, green onions, it is very toxic. So the children's favorite egg tomato soup with our vermicelli noodles must be "forgotten"?!

Fact: We have been eating this for hundreds of years and there are no real cases or statistics reported to support such a conclusion. The ingredients in eggs and tomatoes do not interact with each other but also support and supplement many nutrients. Chicken eggs contain 12.5% ​​protid, 11.6% fat, vitamins A, D1, D2, E, B and many other trace minerals. Egg yolks act as resistance against diseases.

Meanwhile, whites help fight aging, increase strength and flexibility for muscles. Up to now, there has not been a scientific study that shows that egg tomato soup is harmful to users. On the contrary, this is also a very delicious, nutritious and easy-to-digest food. There is a small note that you should use ripe tomatoes for processing because green tomatoes contain alkaloid solanin, which can cause poisoning.


Beef and black beans

You hear: Beef should not be cooked with black beans because beef is rich in iron, good for blood, but black beans have coarse, large fiber that will prevent the body from absorbing the amount of iron in beef.

Fact: In principle, black beans or legumes do not reduce the absorption of iron in beef. However, in Western cuisine or in our country, people often cook beef with white beans, but rarely cook beef with black beans.


Some notes in eating

The basic principle of healthy nutrition is to eat a variety of different foods. We Vietnamese also often have the habit of mixing and combining diverse and multi-flavored foods in processing to create delicious, novel and nutritious dishes. However, according to some popular recipes, often given to parents by grandparents, we will inherit the application of certain foods together, intentional mixing of foods. "Yin - welding" with "yang - heat" food to "refresh - balance" for the body.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the Institute of Nutrition, the more varied the meal, the more foods are combined, the more nutrients are provided for the body. A reasonable meal should include at least 5 of the 8 food groups, with 10 or more foods. However, some dishes shared by the online community are rarely cooked together because of the fact that it does not suit the taste more than because of food interactions.

bữa trưa thuần chay dinh dưỡng

Lunch with vegetarian dishes is calculated with nutritional balance for employees of Tram Tue

According to BS.CK1. Dao Thi Yen Thuy (Happiness International Hospital): In fact, there are no scientific studies that report that there are natural foods that are incompatible with each other, causing danger to life or when combined. harmful to health. Only foods that inherently contain toxins (such as poisonous glands in puffer fish, toads, poisonous mushrooms,...) or contaminated, contaminated, rancid molds, containing toxic chemicals, borax, etc. Industrial coloring products, banned preservatives, ... are harmful to health.

It should also be noted that some foods or drinks when combined can inhibit the absorption of nutrients such as iron in fish meat, which will be absorbed by tannin in tea, and calcium in milk will be absorbed next to it. compete with other metals such as zinc, iron, copper, ... in the pill (not completely absorbed, but only receive a little, a part of the nutrients included), eating too much fiber will be difficult to absorb calcium, protein in meals... Thus, the harm is only reduced absorption of nutrients, not to the extent that it is dangerous to health or life as rumored.

Among the long list of "official" foods that increase the risk of cancer through evidence-based scientific studies are: bacon, bacon, burnt vegetable oil from repeated frying, burnt fat or meat...

If you have ever eaten seafood or clams and shellfish with fruit and have abdominal pain, diarrhea, it is probably because the seafood is infected, contaminated, spoiled or undercooked clams still contain Salmonella bacteria. .. rather than because combining seafood with fruit causes digestive disorders.
Experts all give the same advice: The most important thing in a meal is to choose fresh, delicious foods of clear origin, eat cooked, drink hot, full of nutrients.

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