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Truc Lam Quan Tue: Peace place in the middle of Hanoi

Truc Lam Quan Tue: Peace place in the middle of Hanoi
Located in the minddle of Hanoi, at Phuong Trach Street,  Dong Anh, there is a quiet green space called Truc Lam Quan Tue (also known as Tram Tue) - a special destination for who loves Frankincense. Not only providing the market with clean products from Agarwood, Tram Tue also introduces customers to many valuable materials about Agarwood - a rare wood.
The green and quiet space of Truc Lam Quan Tue
trải nghiệm trầm hương
Deriving from the desire to produce clean Agarwood incense products, Mr. Hoang Van Huong - founder of Truc Lam Quan Tue, had the grace to take over the raw material areas, thereby developing the Agarwood brand name and producing many products. More product categories
quy trình sản xuất trầm hươngThe factory is open to welcome visitors. Customers can participate in experiencing the production processes of Agarwood products.
quy trình sản xuất trầm tămExperiencing many difficulties in the process of building and developing a brand, Agarwood requires completely natural and quality raw materials, thereby producing clean products.
vòng trầm hương trang sức trầm tuệIn addition, here also produces handmade products: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ... And also aims to produce beauty products such as: agarwood essential oil, agarwood masks, agarwood serums, ...
trà nương trầm tuệ
Tram Tue brings to customers the "art of enjoying Vietnamese tea" with clean tea leaves from the accumulated agarwood tree.
trà trầm viên trầm tuệ cây dó bầu tự nhiên
Also with the criteria of producing clean products, for Agarwood, tea must also be clean tea
thưởng trà thư giãn thiềnQuiet space brings relaxing moments
trầm cảnh tự nhiên quý hiếm phong thủyThere is also a display area for rare samples of Agarwood, to serve customers to visit and learn about Agarwood.
triển lãm trầm hương Việt Nam
Display cabinet of Tram Tue's products
trầm cảnh tự nhiênThe stages and tools for the craftsman to create bass pieces are arranged in the showroom to introduce to visitors.

Mai Suong

Source: Nguoihanoi