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3 Simple and effective ways to fumigate your home

At first glance, everyone thinks that "breaking into the house" is the first person to set foot in the house in the new year. But house breaking in this article refers to the ritual of breaking into the house of the ancient Vietnamese.
Where does the custom of breaking into the house at the end of the year come from?
House steaming is the practice of homeowners using herbs with essential oils and fragrances to burn them throughout the house with the meaning of disinfecting, cleaning up all the bad air of the old year, and welcoming the new year. The beginning of the new year is the beginning of a new cycle of time. People believe that breaking into the house helps dispel evil spirits, change luck, make the house cozy, bring the owner luck, peace, welcome good things in a new year.
3 cách xông nhà xả xui, tẩy uế cuối năm đơn giản và hiệu quả
The plants used to smoke Tat Nien all have a characteristic aroma and are all good medicinal herbs such as: Agarwood, cinnamon, basil, lemongrass, grapefruit leaves, dried roots, chrysanthemums, daisies; In the mountains, cinnamon leaves are added. The aromas blend together to create the Tet holiday flavor. The ancient Vietnamese used that perfume to bathe and steam their houses to remove the busyness of the days leading up to the New Year, to purify the bad luck of the old year to welcome the pure new year.
Disturbance in the market for home-made powder products
Currently, on the market, there are many types of home-breathing powder called disinfectant powder, with a very strong aroma, but the vast majority do not have a clear origin, usually due to unknown domestic production facilities. out. Or recently, home-breathing powders advertised as from Thailand, Myanmar, and India are for sale on many websites. These powders are stored in outer bags with Thai, Chinese ... without Vietnamese labels, so the actual composition of these products is not clear to anyone. Prices can range from a few tens of thousands to several hundred thousand even up to millions of silver for a set of house cleaning such as day 30, day 1... Especially in the southern market, with the habit of cleaning the house to disinfect the house. For a long time, all kinds of home fumigation powders are widely used by consumers at the end of the year.
3 cách xông nhà xả xui, tẩy uế trừ tà

Disinfectant powders are sold with eye-catching packaging (Artwork - Source: Internet)

The general psychology of customers is only interested in disinfecting their homes at the end of the year to attract fortune, but what are the real effects of these home fumigation powders, and how they affect health, it seems that few people care.

Guide to steaming the house in a folk way
House cleaning with traditional medicine
The way to disinfect the house with traditional medicine is done in two ways as follows:

Steam the house with herbal medicine grilled on embers
Prepare some herbal medicine and a charcoal oven, then bake it on a charcoal stove. Carrying the traditional medicine oven around the house, walking while fanning to let the smoke spread all over.

3 cách xông nhà xả xui, tẩy uế cuối năm đón vượng khí

Illustration (Source: Internet)

Steam home with traditional medicine with steam
Put the prescribed herbal medicine in a pot, pour in water. Boil the pot of medicine for about 30 minutes, carry the pot around the house from top to bottom, from inside to outside.

House with locusts
Bo Bo is known as a traditional ingredient that appeared a long time ago in the life of Vietnamese people. In addition to being used to produce cosmetics and shampoos, the pleasant scent of locust is also used to steam the house. The fumigation of the house with locusts in addition to helping to disinfect, also helps to purify the living environment.

• Step 1: Prepare locust, 1 bunch of incense, 1 brazier, 1 paper fan.
• Step 2: Bake the locust on a hot coal stove when the stove is just hot, then you walk around the house. When going, remember to use a paper fan to fan the coals for continuous red hot, absolutely do not let the coals go out.
• Step 3: When you have burned the locusts to smoke the house, then proceed to burn the incense, holding it around the house in a clockwise direction. Should go from the inside to the outside and from the top to the bottom, try to go around every nook and cranny.
• Step 4: After walking around the house, waiting for the incense to fade is considered as completing the house cleaning with locusts.

3 cách xông nhà xả xui, tẩy uế trừ tà bồ kết

Steam the house with Agarwood
The old way of steaming the house is also the way used by both modern and traditional medicine is to use Agarwood. Agarwood with the characteristics of a wood carrying a lot of pure positive energy. Agarwood has the effect of detoxifying the air, except for blue obstacles, and cleans the living environment. The ancients knew this well, so they concluded that the use of agarwood was "cleansing the universe". Therefore, to eliminate bad gases or collectively known as aerosols thoroughly, nothing but Agarwood can be solved.

Steam the house with agarwood powder
Scoop 2-3 small spoons of agarwood powder, place it in a urn or a flat plate, form a peak and then light it on fire. Agarwood powder catches fire, smolders and spreads throughout the house. Each room should put 1 plate of Agarwood powder to steam the house for at least 30 minutes. Cold, dark places such as the corner of the stairs, warehouses should steam 2-3 times/day and maintain steaming for several consecutive days.

3 cách xông nhà xả xui, tẩy uế cuối năm đơn giản và hiệu quả

House with incense bud
Burn incense buds on a flat plate or in a censer. Continuous burning of 3-5 bass buds. Maintain continuous incense in the rooms for about 3 to 5 days to achieve the best effect.

3 cách xông nhà xả xui, tẩy uế cuối năm đơn giản và hiệu quả