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What are Agarwood Chips?

Agarwood chips contain Agarwood essential oil on both sides. When burned, the essential oil will boil on the wood surface, emitting the characteristic aroma of Agarwood: light, sweet.

What are Agarwood chips?
Agarwood chips are commonly used in Middle Eastern countries, India, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The custom of burning agarwood, also known as burning agarwood, has entered the cultural and religious life of the Vietnamese people as a traditional beauty. In addition to bringing an elegant and delicate fragrance, Agarwood also has many feng shui values. The ancients believed that the diffused incense was an invisible bridge connecting the visible life of humans and the sacred spiritual realm (ancestral altar, temple, communal house, shrine, pagoda).


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Agarwood pieces are products made from Aquilaria crassna trees that already have agarwood. The content of agarwood essential oil contained in each piece varies, depending on the age of the tree. However, most of the pieces of agarwood have a deep, sweet natural aroma.

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The meaning of deep sauna with agarwood chips
In religion, spirituality

Agarwood is burned by monks and Buddhists while meditating. Accordingly, the aroma of agarwood is a therapy to help calm the heart, calm the mind, clear, and relax the body. At that time, the senses also become sharp to help open wisdom.

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According to Catholic history, the rite of incense was practiced during the Mass awaiting the resurrection of Jesus in Jerusalem at the end of the fourth century. There, people burn many vases of Agarwood around the altar for pure fragrance to spread throughout the sacred space of the Holy See. Since then, agarwood has been widely used to burn incense in censers under the statue of God. The image of the Pope - the head of the Church holding an incense burner and leading the faithful in important ceremonies at the Vatican is also gradually becoming familiar.

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Muslims believe that Agarwood is used not only to cure many diseases but also as an object for spiritual connection. Through incense, their aspirations will be connected with the divine. With important rituals, Muslims always consider Agarwood as an indispensable item to transmit and connect the spiritual world and the real world. They conceive that the gods are very fond of items and especially the smell of Agarwood.

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Traders and residents of Riyadh city - the capital of Saudia Arabia are trying Agarwood products in the middle of the desert on the afternoon of April 5, 2021. This is a trade promotion program between Vietnam and Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of the Vietnamese Embassy in Saudi Arabia. Photos taken by the Commercial Counselor and sent to Tram Tue


In feng shui
When moving to a new place, opening a store, business office and New Year's holidays, the ancients often smoked/burned agarwood to warm the space. Because Agarwood goes through the wind and dew, it takes many years to form, so it contains the spirit of heaven and earth. Agarwood helps to attract wealth, lead fortune and attract positive energies, increase prosperity for your home. Agarwood is often placed in places such as desks, living rooms, and main doors to help circulate air, purify unclean air, and convert it into a good source of air for the surrounding environment.

In healthy life
Agarwood chips have the effect of increasing yang qi, creating an alkaline environment that limits the growth of bacteria and viruses in the living space. Besides, there are quite a few people who like to burn agarwood chips when enjoying the tea ceremony, tea meditation or simply enjoy the feeling of watching the smoke drifting away with the strong aroma.


Uses of steaming pieces
Agarwood chips are used as a healthy herb. In religious ceremonies, Agarwood is also used to pay respects and send sincere wishes. When fumigating/burning agarwood chips, the essential oil will boil on the wood surface, giving off a special fragrance, helping to dispel evil spirits and cold air in the house, especially with newly bereaved families.

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Agarwood chips burned on activated charcoal in Lien Hoa Lu

The scent of elegant and gentle agarwood is very suitable for yoga or meditation practitioners who need peace of mind. In addition, it also helps to relax the mind, reduce stress, sedation, and deep sleep. Indoor air is purified, antibacterial, limiting the growth of viruses and bacteria.

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When moving to a new house, you should smoke/burn Agarwood to remove the smell of paint and oil from the curtains and warm up the living space. Periodic use at the place of residence and work to help deodorize unpleasant mold, disinfect. When relaxing, leisurely sit and burn a few small pieces of agarwood, watch the incense float and enjoy the fragrance of heaven and earth. Sauna is both an elegant pleasure and very good for health.

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