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Founding history of Tram Tue

Some people believe that we were born because of fate, responsibility, or a mission. After a long period in this busy life, we find a way to connect our inner self, we find the entrance to a new journey - THE JOURNEY TO COME BACK AND CONTRIBUTE.


The fate is really special, like the flower will bloom when it grows enough. The spring of 2012 is the time that Mr. Hoang Van Huong learned about Buddhism by an accidental and special fate when he was confused in his life. He immediately became a real Buddhist in the Truc Lam Zen Sect like a light that lightened up his life. This was the starting point of the founding journey of Tram Tue - the brand of the heart, the truth, and passion for practicing Buddhism in life.



Every step of a journey often comes with challenges. We have to look back on those first days to know more about Truc Lam Quan Tue these days… Mr Huong spent a lot of time studying Buddhist scriptures, records, and teachings and used incense sold on the market to worship Buddha and meditate. He went to many places to find clean incense to worship Buddha and meditate daily. Once, he bought a large box of incense from a pagoda in Southern Vietnam to Hanoi for relatives and friends due to the recommendation that it was clean incense.

However, he was not completely satisfied with it. He witnessed many Buddhists suffering from respiratory, sinus, and lung infections... because of chemical incense; in addition, he also witnessed his friends and relatives suffering from using chemical incense in Tet and other religious events. He always wonders: When will Buddhists in particular and the Vietnamese community in general be able to use clean incense?

Phật tử dùng nhang hoá chấtAt that time, agarwood was just a legend of the miracle of a wood that had a superior scent to him. Until one day, he was told by a monk: “You should bring agarwood by your side to prevent negative energy…” The first definition of agarwood came to him when he had an opportunity to enjoy the scent of agarwood with feelings of peace, safety, and happiness. The idea of making clean incense came and inspired him, he spent time learning about materials to make incense. The first challenge came when he found that there was both dirty and fake incense clean and real incense and it was difficult to differentiate.


In September 2016, he found a good source of materials in Quang Nam Province through an agricultural fair, after successful negotiation, he cooperated with some friends to take the first step in the journey of building Tram Tue.

On 6/11/2016, the first product was introduced with the happiness, expectation, and passion of every company member. Those were tough first days. Although the quality of the product is good, the process of getting customers was not easy as the product was new in the market. There was only one thing that led every member of Tram Tue at that time, it was the unreasonable love, the truth, the passion for serving the Three Jewels, and the trust in Buddhism of every member of Tram Tue.

Every individual gathered together into a solid group and overcame tough days with the trust of their very first customers until today.

Trầm Tuệ Hành trình về chốn Tổ - Ngày trở về bản tâm 2022

It is said that the more you give the more you get. During the Tet holiday of the first year, Tram Tue met a great fate when he met a precious Master, at that time he was the deputy abbot of Sung Phuc Zen Monastery (Hanoi), recommended a scientist who had researched agarwood for 20 years. That was a real game-changer in the development of Tram Tue. He showed TLQT the whole agarwood industry and the reality of the confusion between chemical agarwood and clean agarwood made from microbial technology. He shared with Tram Tue the knowledge and technology to make microbial agarwood. From that point, Tram Tue started the first steps in making microbial agarwood materials for production, managing the supply as well as the quality of materials.


And then, good fate continued good fate, in 2018, Tram Tue continued to meet an elderly scientist with more than 40 years of passionate dedication, devoting his whole life to agarwood and the cultivation of microbial agarwood. There was a time when that passion caused his family to fall into poverty and hardship, but his sadness for Vietnamese agarwood has never gone away. It can be said that he is like the person who untied the last knot, removing all obstacles and secrets about the technology of creating microbial agarwood. The story about him and this special relationship cannot be described in just a few words. Perhaps a special occasion should be set aside to write about him as a tribute that Tram Tue has for this respected scientist.

After those difficult beginnings, Tram Tue can now stand up straight on our feet. The path forward is oriented step by step to become a clean microbial agarwood production enterprise with full resources from raw material creation techniques to a closed, finished agarwood production process and strict quality control. Although Tram Tue is young, we have inherited valuable scientific knowledge and experience from veteran scientists who have spent their lives working with the Vietnamese agarwood industry. To make great strides and mark our name in the hearts of customers like today, Tram Tue has sincerely built the foundation for the business philosophy on the core basis: "truth", humbly learn and absorb scientific techniques and technology; Build a team of kind-hearted, enthusiastic staff who are united in serving society and people.

Tram Tue devoted its sincere heart, letting the truthful heart guide our journey, sending love to receive countless trust and love in return. As an inevitable rule, when you receive a lot, it is time for you to give back to society with even more contributions. Starting with "Incense from the mind", now what Tram Tue wants is "Spreading Trust - Sharing Truth". The road ahead still has challenges, but the spreading trust of everyone gives Tram Tue the wings to share the truth from heart to heart, contribute, and serve with all the heart.

The name of the company

The meaning of Truc Lam Quan Tue is that: The word Truc Lam refers to Truc Lam Vihara - the first Vihara of Buddhism. Truc Lam also refers to the Vietnamese Truc Lam Zen sect, which is the practice that Mr. Hoang Van Huong and his brothers and co-founders followed. Quan Tue means using Prajna Wisdom to contemplate the true appearance of things - the empty appearance of things. In Buddhism, there is a saying "Only wisdom leads to karma" which means taking wisdom as a career.

trầm tuệ trúc lâm quán tuệ

Core value

  • A True Buddhist Enterprise: Practice and work according to Buddhist teachings. Tu tập và làm việc theo lời Phật dạy. Product of righteous karma
  • Honest: Transparent product. Integrity in all codes of conduct
  • Sharing: Sharing material and spiritual values with employees, partners, customers and the community. Practice making offerings, do the good stuffs, count the blessings. share the ethical values

Buddhist enterprise

  • Platform of Buddhist Doctrine: Established on the foundation of embracing Buddhist teachings as the basis for operation in all activities, with the principle of karma as a guiding compass for development.
  • Principal Industries: Business sectors must align with virtuous and noble purposes, offering products and services beneficial to society without causing harm to sentient beings.
  • Founded by Buddhist Practitioners: Enterprises founded by practitioners of Buddhism, where both the founders and core operational elements are individuals devoted to the Buddhist path.

These principles are known as the Five Precepts in Buddhism, emphasizing ethical guidelines for practitioners:

  • Not to take life (No killing)
  • Not to steal
  • Not to engage in sexual misconduct
  • Not to lie
  • Not to consume intoxicants