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Company Traditional's Day

At exactly 8 a.m. on December 4, 2021 (on November 1 of the lunar calendar), at the company's headquarters, the leadership and all employees of Tram Tue gathered at the Buddha's worship space to respectfully offer incense to commemorate the 713th anniversary of the King Tran Nhan Tong.

In the chanting of the deep and heroic Bat Nha Tam Kinh, the entire audience turned to him with one mind - a heroic king who had left the throne to ordained, propagated the Dharma to save lives, propagated the patriarchs' teachings, harmonizing the immeasurable unborn song on the Yen Tu mountain, making it glorious and flourishing for a while. To this day, that piece of music still resonates eloquently, the sky-high culmination of transcendental spiritual souls...
Twenty minutes of sitting meditation in mindfulness, the space is silent with only the sound of wind chimes softly ringing outside the wooden door frame. At that moment, it felt like we were all going back in time, back more than 700 years ago, to an ashram meditating under the bamboo forest in Yen Tu. The warm incense lingered throughout the room as if connecting us - the disciples of Truc Lam Zen sect to get closer to the First Patriarch. Although it is not possible to return to the Yen Tu Ancestral place like the tradition every year, as long as you always think of the Buddha and the Patriarch in your mind, all boundaries of space and time will be erased.

After connecting with Saigon and Khanh Hoa branches, the General Director of the company shared with employees about his merits in respectful praise: "The people of Truc Lam Sisters have to go to their destination whatever they do. place, only to achieve perfect results. When the invaders come out of the country, they will stop fighting. Studying the Buddhadharma to the most profound place is satisfying. Cultivate to enlightenment to propagate. What a shining example for people of the world and religious people to follow.”

That is the special feature of Truc Lam, a person who is realistic but surreal, heads up but does not give up low intelligence, enters the world but does not infect the world. He is the soul of Truc Lam Yen Tu, forever immortal in the hearts of posterity, regardless of time and space. He is an unprecedented historical figure of the Vietnamese nation in both his religious career and his royal career.

Truc Lam Zen sect was founded by him and became the first Truc Lam Patriarch, inheriting the quintessence of Zen sects, and has become a Zen sect with national nuances, the leading feature of which is the spirit of integration.

At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, the Most Venerable Master Thuong Thanh Ha Tu had the ambition to restore Zen Buddhism under the Tran Dynasty, in which the most prominent image was the Buddha Emperor Tran Nhan Tong. We are extremely fortunate to inherit this invaluable spiritual legacy, which is also thanks to the merit of restoring Zen Buddhism in Vietnam by the Most Venerable Master.

At the end of the ceremony in the joy of a child of Buddha, each staff member expressed their gratitude and happiness when they saw the deep blessings of being illuminated by the light of the Buddha's teachings, the teachings of the Emperor Buddha were the guideline for their children. way of serving sentient beings. Ancestor's death anniversary is an opportunity for each of us to sit together, reflect on ourselves, see how a year past greed - anger - delusion has lessened a bit, mistakes made can be promptly corrected. Each member of Tram Tue always encourages and reminds each other to make efforts to promote his spirit of "harmony with the world" and his thought of "remaining naked and lost in religion". With all sincere hearts, together burn incense sticks to offer to the Buddhas of the ten directions.

In infinite gratitude to the deeds of the Buddhas, the Patriarchs of each member of Tram Tue single-mindedly turn to the throne of the Three Jewels, praying that the Buddhas always bless all ten methods of predestined precepts to be fulfilled according to their wishes. auspicious auspicious, unrelenting faith, perfect blessings.

Some pictures of the ceremony:

Tram Tue team in Ho Chi Minh