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The feeling of Vesak's Day

The feeling of Vesak's Day
For thousands of years, Buddha's birthday has become a big holiday in the hearts of every Buddhist across the country. On the morning of May 10, 2022 (on April 10 of the lunar calendar), at Tram Tue headquarters, the Board of Directors and all employees of the company gathered at the Buddha shrine to respectfully offer incense to commemorate the 2566th anniversary of Buddha. 
cảm niệm ngày Phật Đản

Ever since he was a prince living in the palace, the Buddha had always pondered over the birth - old - sick - death scenes of human life. He couldn't eat well, couldn't sleep well when he saw the sufferings of sentient beings immersed in sensual pleasures and delusions. He did not care about the luxurious and happy pleasures for himself in the palace, guarding the gold when mankind was squirming in the dark night of ignorance.

Obviously, his high position was not as important to him as his enlightenment, his compassion, and his vow to save sentient beings. The Nikayas say: "A unique being, an extraordinary human being, appears in this world, for the benefit of the many, for the happiness of the many, out of compassion, for the good, for the benefit of the many. benefit and happiness for the gods and humans.”

kỷ niệm Đức Phật đản sinh

The Buddha appeared in the human world, he brought a profound human spirit. He was not born in the form of a god, flying down from the sky and hiding in the mist. Buddha was born in this life in the form of a human. A person of flesh and blood, also governed by the law of cause and effect, and a person with full of earthly emotions: rich in love and compassionate heart. The life of the Buddha is to teach sentient beings about impermanence with all the truest things.

Buddha was born in the middle of life, all for the sake of awakening sentient beings to realize that there is something in them that does not age or die, realizes that this world is suffering and impermanent; thereby free from suffering, beyond the cycle of birth and death.

He reminded humanity that as a human being, everyone has Buddha nature, and everyone has the ability to achieve enlightenment and attain the ultimate fruition like him. Shakyamuni Buddha attained Perfect Enlightenment in this world and showed sentient beings the way out of delusion, beyond the sufferings of birth and death. His whole life was a living lesson about virtue, compassion, joy and equanimity and the unceasing vow to save lives.


đạo tràng Trúc Lâm Chân Tuệ

Today, we celebrate Buddha's birthday as a new way of life. That way of life is like a stream of pure water, refreshing our consciousness, from a being who is lost, wandering in the darkness of ignorance to find the light of truth, from the desolation of the world of reincarnation. to the hope of a brighter tomorrow, a better and happier life.

đạo tràng Trúc Lâm Chân Tuệ tổ chức Phật Đản công ty

Joining the joyful atmosphere to celebrate the birthday of the Buddha, Tram Tue's employees, as usual, organized the release of life. With the sound of chanting the Prajnaparamita Sutra in harmony with the chanting and bells of the temple resounding from afar, we pray for all sentient beings who are fortunate enough to meet today to soon escape from the animal life and meet the Dharma.

công đức phóng sinh

Tram Tue employees are releasing frogs, snails, and slugs

There are no words that can express the happiness and gratitude of the Buddha's children for his sacrifice and undying love for all beings. Always remember the presence of Buddha everywhere, may his light dispel the darkness of ignorance, break all fear and hatred, and bring joy and peace to mankind.

phước đức phóng sinh