Giỏ hàng

The story of the origin of Tram Tue vegetarian kitchen

The aspiration of Tram Tue's founder, Mr. Hoang Van Huong:

The wish of Tram Tue vegan kitchen is to spread the predestined vegetarianism to everyone, regardless of religion or belief. Every customers coming to Tram Tue is cherished and happily treated like a family member.

Many visitors here have gained a deeper understanding of the significance and benefits of vegetarianism, receiving guidance on adopting a proper vegetarian diet. Numerous individuals have also made the vow to embrace vegetarianism and follow a plant-based lifestyle. This brings great joy and encouragement to Tram Tue.


Tram Tue hopes that the pure vegan meals and the company's vegetarian culture will plant seeds of compassion and goodness in each guest's mind, so that over the years those seeds will bloom in the hearts of each guest. So that each guest coming to Tram Tue will feel peace from the heart, generate love for the life of all species equally - which the Buddha calls "unconditional love".