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8 effects of agarwood for health and life

It is no coincidence that although Agarwood is sold at a high price, many people still want to own it. Because Agarwood is not only rare but also has many uses for human health and life. Here are 8 effects of Agarwood that everyone should know.
Where does Agarwood come from?
Agarwood is a precious wood formed from the wounds appearing on the trunk of the tree. In order to heal those wounds, the Do Bau tree itself secretes a special resin. Over time, up to dozens of years, even hundreds of years, this new layer of resin forms Agarwood essential oil.

Vietnam's Aquilaria Crassna forest.

Agarwood usually has a pleasant aroma. Therefore, people looking for agarwood often rely on this scent to detect Agarwood trees with Agarwood. In Vietnam, in the past, there were many areas where Agarwood appeared, such as primeval forests in Khanh Hoa, Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Quang Binh, Central Highlands, Ninh Thuan, Kien Giang...

To learn more about this special tree, you can read the article: Biological properties of Aquilaria Crassna.

Classification of Agarwood
Currently, the amount of Agarwood in the primeval forest has been exhausted due to human exploitation activities. The value of agarwood found in nature can be up to billions of dong.

In order to get affordable agarwood products, people have researched methods to create artificial agarwood. Therefore, when customers search for information about Agarwood, there are two common types: Natural Agarwood and Artificial Agarwood.


The effect of Agarwood wood
As stated above, the value of Agarwood is not only in its long-term formation, difficult to exploit, but also in its uses. Agarwood is applied in many fields such as health care and spiritual factors.

Using Agarwood to cure diseases
Agarwood is considered a precious wood, over the years absorbing spiritual energy, the quintessence of heaven and earth. Therefore, this is a rare medicine used by the ancients in many remedies.

Agarwood is a precious medicine, very good for human health.

When suffering from illness such as depression, headache, Agarwood powder should be used to make aroma bags or pillow intestines. The gentle aroma of agarwood helps the user to relax mentally and relax the mind. In the past, young children who were often sick also used Agarwood to treat it very effectively.

In traditional Chinese medicine, agarwood is prescribed for patients with poor heart health, often having difficulty breathing. In addition to supporting the heart, this golden medicine is also used to treat the kidneys, warm the body, and replenish Qi. Tea made from the leaves of the tree that has given birth to agarwood has the effect of treating internal heat and purifying the body.

Agarwood tea helps to clear heat and detoxify the body.

On the other hand, Agarwood essential oil is also very useful in healing, can be taken orally or inhaled. Every morning, drink 1 cup of warm water mixed with agarwood essential oil to help treat respiratory diseases such as sore throat, hoarseness, cough, runny nose. In addition, agarwood essential oil also supports the digestive system to work better.

If not used orally, we can inhale essential oils, which both help fresh air, remove viruses and are good for the respiratory system.

Soak into alcohol
A recipe using Agarwood that is used by many people to relieve pain, asthma, and vomiting is Agarwood soaked in alcohol.

Agarwood is a very good material for soaking alcohol.

In the northern regions with cold climates in winter, using 1 small cup of Agarwood wine per day helps warm the body and stabilizes the spirit very well. This special wine has the effect of tonic yang, tonic kidney, and vitality, so it is preferred by men.

Used as jewelry
Currently, jewelry and fashion accessories from Agarwood such as bracelets and necklaces are very popular in the market and are preferred by users of all ages and genders. Brands with many years of experience in the Agarwood jewelry business such as Agarwood (Agarwood) always have a full range of designs, diverse carved patterns to meet all customers' needs. These include the Baby's Bracelet - a product line specifically crafted for children, the 108-grain bass ring, the Tock Ant Nest Agarwood bracelet...

Agarwood jewelry has high aesthetic value, suitable for both men and women.

Used as a feng shui item
Since ancient times, Agarwood is considered the king of luck and fortune. According to feng shui experts, because Agarwood takes tens to hundreds of years to form, it is extremely rare. They are considered amulets with great energy, helping to ward off bad omens and evil spirits; It also brings good luck and prosperity.

Usually, feng shui items are often displayed in important positions in the home or on the desk.

Feng Shui Agarwood incense coils often has the meaning of attracting fortune and bringing fortune.

Helps relieve stress and fatigue
Those who have a stressful job, often experience stress in life, should use Agarwood products such as Agarwood incense, Agarwood cones...

Frankincense helps stimulate creativity and working thinking. Using Agarwood when working, meditating, practicing yoga, drinking tea or before going to bed will help keep the body healthy, mind and soul, relieve all afflictions.

An effective oriental medicine
Since ancient times, doctors have done many researches on Agarwood. Since then, Oriental medicine has added a precious medicine. Agarwood is spicy, aromatic, temperate, has the effect of kidney, spleen, and taste. In the old remedies for asthma, chest pain, shortness of breath, vomiting, abdominal pain, hiccups, urinary retention, kidney failure, there are ingredients of Agarwood.

In particular, when having headaches and nervous tension, using Agarwood will see a very clear effect.

Agarwood is considered a elixir for health.

At present, modern science has developed, but Agarwood Agarwood herbal remedies still retain their value and are widely applied.

Except painted blue miasma: People often smoke in the house to eliminate toxic gas and bring Ky Nam in person to prevent miasma. In some areas, especially Phu Yen - Khanh Hoa, people often wrap Ky Nam in a canvas bag to wear around the neck as "amulets". Children under 1 year old wear 2 threads, 1 to 5 years old wear 3 threads, adults wear 5 threads.

At Oriental medicine counters, Agarwood is still used in medicines such as:

  • Cure stomach pain, poor digestion, vomiting: Use 5g Agarwood, 5g nutmeg. Grind the 2 ingredients above and sift finely, then divide into 10 packs. When using, stir this powder mixture with old hot water, then let it settle and then drink it. Use different amounts depending on age. Children should use 1 pack, older children can use 2 packs, adults 3-4 packs.
  • Effective treatment of asthma: 2g of frankincense combined with 3g of cypress leaves. Also powdered and sifted to make a drink before going to bed.
  • Treatment of strong emotions, making it difficult to breathe: Brew 1 cup of boiling water containing 2 Agarwood threads, 2 Ginseng threads within 10 minutes. Using this water for drinking is very effective.

Agarwood is a medicine used in Western medicine

Not only is it valued in Eastern medicine, Agarwood is also used in Western medicine. Agarwood has antibiotic properties, creating strong antibodies, so it is used to create antibiotics, medicinal herbs in the prevention and treatment of thyroid cancer.

Agarwood is used to make antibiotics

In other studies of Western medicine, this is also an ingredient to create medicines for cardiovascular disease, heart failure, asthma, chest pain, urinary retention, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Making essential oils - raw materials for perfumery, burning incense
Agarwood is very valuable in the international market, especially in countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. One of the areas of Agarwood that manufacturers focus on developing is the production of essential oils, precious ingredients in the preparation of premium perfumes such as Santal, Nuit d'Orient..., some of them. bath soaps and incense burners.

Using perfumes from frankincense has created a trend in the world when bringing a new experience of fragrance, gentle but pure.

Agarwood Perfume

Burning incense is a well-known product from agarwood. Agarwood incense has many diverse products such as tree incense, ring incense, agarwood buds, agarwood tower... But in general, they all bring to the space warmth, purity and spiritual meaning.

Agarwood incense sticks 250 compresses - the product chosen by many customers.

Above is information about 8 effects of Agarwood. It can be seen that Agarwood brings many useful values to human life. However, at present, fake Agarwood is appearing rampant, affecting the health of consumers. Therefore, when using Agarwood, you should buy it at reputable establishments to ensure quality.

Hopefully the article has helped you better understand Agarwood and know how to use it properly. If you need more information about Agarwood, please contact Tram Tue immediately, we are always ready to support via hotline: 0977.023.696.