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Agarwood, the Asian passion

Going beyond the borders of Asia, entering the unfamiliar European market, struggling, developing and shining in perfumes that fascinate the world... Agarwood has long identified itself on the map. world scent as one of the most unique ingredients that East Asia bestows on people.

For centuries now, Agarwood has always been considered one of the most magical and haunting scents in the world. But in recent years, this fragrance has become more and more loved in the fragrance industry and is called Liquid Gold. Originating from Asia, Agarwood is very loved by the people of the far East, especially in the Middle East. Here, for centuries, people have known to use Agarwood to scent rooms and clothes. Following in the footsteps of adventurers and travelers passionate about conquering the world, Frankincense travels to Europe and enchants all global and high-fashion brands such as Tom Ford and Commes des Garçons with its intense fragrance. accompanied by characteristic elegance. However, not every perfume with the scent of Agarwood actually has Agarwood essence. Commercial fragrances may use synthetic substances. Meanwhile, high-end perfume lines will have different levels of Agarwood essence.

Trầm hương sự mê hoặc Á Đông

For centuries now, Agarwood has always been considered one of the most magical and haunting scents in the world

What is frankincense?
Like anything loved in the land of oil, Agarwood fragrances often come with a hefty price tag. However, it was completely commensurate with the rarity of this material. “Agarwood essential oil is distilled from the heartwood of frankincense (also known by other names such as whitewood incense, agarwood),” said leading British perfumer Roja Dove. . However, the story of Agarwood does not end there. “This particular material only appears when the heartwood of the myrrh tree is infected with a special bacteria, which transforms it into a dark and rich form of matter,” said Dove, author of the juices. The world's most expensive flower share more. “The material is so dense, that even though it's based on wood, if you put it in water, it won't float.” James Craven - a perfumer at one of the world's perfume cathedrals of Les Senteurs - added: "This process of forming matter is like a tribute to the rebirth of lust when the material is a preparation of disease, decay, and death."

This fragrance is even more loved in the fragrance industry and is called Liquid Gold

Frankincense used in perfume
So what makes this seductive scent so loved and chosen by perfumers (if you ignore the fact that high-end Agarwood is more expensive than gold)? “Simply put, Agarwood creates an incredible depth of smell, it has the effect of lingering on the skin and stabilizing other scents, making it a great ‘fragrance key’.” If these things are ignored, the charm of Agarwood comes from its difference and mystery. “Known as an ingredient associated with the Middle East, Agarwood has nothing to do with the palettes of European and American perfumers,” says Craven. “It is a scent that is truly unique in itself. Unlike popular scents in the modern perfume industry like sandalwood, vanilla or bergamot. The strong and compelling scent of Agarwood makes it any woman's favorite choice. But it is also these things that women who use Agarwood perfume are often confident and assertive people.” According to Roja Dove, “using a perfume with a bold and rebellious scent helps to enhance the personality of the woman. You're a concept that's loved by the fashionistas. And surely, what better way than to be able to do it with a scent like Agarwood."

Agarwood creates an incredible depth of smell, it has a lasting effect on the skin and stabilizes other scents, making it a great 'scent lock'.

What kind of Agarwood to choose?
If you find it difficult to imagine the scents that a fragrance with the aroma of Agarwood brings, think of contrasting scents with the fruity scents of rock plants like Eau Sauvage by Dior. or Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. And you will immediately have an answer. Contrary to popular belief, you can absolutely wear this perfume during the day. However, the evening is the time for Agarwood fragrances – and this is even more true when you need to impress.” Even so, the advice of the author of the most expensive perfume bottles in the world, Roja Dove is: "Don't spray too much because Agarwood perfume lasts a long time." Instead, all you need to decide is to choose the perfume that suits your personality and preferences.