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What are the effects of agarwood incense cones? 7 amazing uses of agarwood in life

Agarwood has long been considered a treasure of heaven and earth because of the convergence of miraculous uses for human health and spirit. On the market today, there are many products made from frankincense such as agarwood incense, agarwood, agarwood powder... with different prices. In which agarwood cones reverse smoke agarwood buds, smoke waterfall agarwood, agarwood cones are the most popular and popular products today because of their benefits as well as creating its unique shape.

What is Agarwood incense cones?
Agarwood incense cones are products produced entirely from natural agarwood. After harvesting, the wood that has accumulated on the Do Bau tree will be transferred to the workshop for classification and cutting, and undergoes the stages of hewing, breaking, trimming and decanting. Then, they are put into a mill to grind them into powder. Agarwood powder is classified into many types based on the essential oil content in agarwood. This determines the cost of the product. The higher the percentage of essential oils, the more fragrant, deep and sweet the scent is.

Agarwood powder is mixed with the glue of the Litsea tree - the raw material for making a binder. From the mixed flour blocks through the skillful hands of the craftsman, it will be molded into small pellets, packed into a mold to shape a tower, lotus bud or cone, etc. This is also the reason why people call it a incense . Because when held in the hand small, beautiful like a flower bud.

Agarwood incense cone of Tram Tue is produced entirely from natural, clean and standard ingredients, without adding any preservatives or fragrances. All products of Tram Tue undergo strict inspection procedures and are fully certified by the General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality.

Extracted from 100% natural agarwood raw materials, Agarwood cones are non-toxic, safe for all ages, can be used in closed spaces. Agarwood cones have a characteristic aroma of agarwood, converging the quintessence of heaven and earth, accumulated over hundreds of years, bringing good energy to the user. In particular, the pure agarwood scent that flows through the sense of smell to the brain also helps you to calm down and relax.

Agarwood cone of Tram Tue with the characteristic of having the word ''Tue'' engraved on the cone.

The effect of Agarwood incense cones

  • Nowadays, agarwood s are more and more chosen by many people because just burning 1 agarwood bud will feel the warmth and peace in the house. Agarwood is inherently a type of wood that carries a lot of energy and yang, when burned regularly, you will find your mind clear, refreshed, focused on work, stimulating creativity and clear thinking.
  • Agarwood has a very good deodorizing effect, so it is popular when steaming the house, purifying the air, eliminating odors from tobacco, fishy odors from seafood to unpleasant musty odors. Agarwood buds keep incense for many hours after lighting, helping your living space always be filled with pleasant fragrance.
  • Small bud form, convenient to carry. Control the burning time just enough. 1 Agarwood bud burns for about 15-20 minutes.
  • For families who have just had a funeral, they should light agarwood buds and put it in the corners of the house, the smoke and warm deep incense will dispel the coldness covered by yin, bringing yang energy to the house.
  • Reduce emotional disturbances, shortness of breath, strong emotions or negative thoughts.
  • Deep smoke can repel insects, mosquitoes, cockroaches...
  • For people who are suffering from insomnia, frankincense has a sedative effect.
How to use agarwood incense cones?
Agarwood buds are classified as “easy-going” burning incense because of its very simple usage. This also explains why this product is so popular. You don't have to use specialized bass burning tools, just a small porcelain plate or even placed on a flat surface (not burned) can also burn incense cones.

If you are careful and want to be more aesthetic, you can use the accessories used to smoke incense cones, which are burners and incense burners. Put the bud in the incense burner, then burn the head of the agarwood cone, cover the censer. The smoke will follow the pattern on the censer lid to fly out to purify the air.

Agarwood enthusiasts often use agarwood cones in combination with agarwood smoke waterfall. Agarwood cones are produced with the technique of creating reverse smoke, when burned, it will create smooth, floating smoke and flow backwards according to the texture of the smoke waterfall. Users can burn incense in reverse smoke sets to enjoy tea or talk or receive guests.

With each texture of the smoke waterfall, the smoke effect is different, it can be flowing like a waterfall or floating. Sip a cup of tea and enjoy the gentle aroma of incense, the romantic smoke lingering throughout the space. Watching the agarwood smoke spread makes people enjoy a sense of peace and freedom. The story blends with the deep smell to create emotions and connections between people. This is an elegant hobby of those who like to enjoy bass and love feng shui.