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What is Agarwood Resin?

Agarwood  with resin poured Agarwood is one of the "best sellers" of Tram Tue because of its sophistication and uniqueness.

What is Resin?

Resin is a chemical compound with very high application in industry and civil. Depending on the composition and specific properties that are classified into different types. Resin is just a generic name for these types.

keo nhựa epoxy resin chất lượng

Liquid epoxy resin has many practical applications and is used in construction, art, medicine... (Illustration image Source: Internet)

Resin is also known by many different names such as resin glue, resin, Japanese resin, Thai resin, etc. Resin has three main forms: hard, powder and liquid. In which liquid form has many practical applications and is used in construction, art, medicine...

Applications of resin

The application range of resin is extremely wide and diverse. Typically, resin is used in waterproofing for constructions, transparent resin panels or eco resin in architectural decoration, resin for casting molars in dentistry, paint manufacturing, resin casting statues, etc.

bàn epoxy resin chất lượng

A table becomes unique when combining wood with epoxy resin (Artwork. Source: Internet)

Using resin in the handmade field has long been quite popular abroad. In our country in recent years, resin has received a lot of attention from new beauty enthusiasts. With the application of resin, you are free to create products that are both durable and unique. From the field of fine arts, wood, jewelry (chains, rings, bracelets, earrings), furniture, decorations, phone cases, ... can all be combined with resin.

vẽ tranh epoxy resin 3D

Mr. Le Ngoc Trong - 9x artist is finishing a 3D epoxy resin painting (Source: Dan Tri Newspaper)

hạt resin cao cấp kết hợp trầm hương tự nhiên

Creative jewelry samples from resin (Artwork. Source: Internet)

Resin pours bass - The factor that makes the charm of Tram Tue bracelets
Resin is a liquid resin that, under certain conditions of time and humidity, will solidify. Understanding that property, many designers and architects abroad have taken advantage of its time in liquid form to let it wrap around wooden objects. When it hardens again, it creates beautiful shapes. Of course it has to go through a manufacturing process. Polyester resin is white. People can mix colors into it to create color for the finished resin layer. Most resins are often made into jewelry or interior decorations because the cost of resin is quite high.

hạt resin đổ trầm hương

The resin beads poured Agarwood are being dried

chuỗi 108 hạt trầm hương mix resin đẹp rẻ

The deep blue resin master beads are like a crystal, enhancing the beauty of the 108-bead necklace

Resin pours feng shui bass
The resin poured feng shui agarwood of Agarwood is Japanese resin, with durability and high quality. Agarwood (Agarwood) Tue has combined resin with Agarwood (Oud) pieces and mixed colors to create a sophisticated feng shui Agarwood resin. Crafting resin pouring bass requires ingenuity, meticulousness and takes a lot of time of the designer. Resin poured bass is very durable, not easily broken like stone, hard to scratch and extremely safe. Resin poured agarwood creates a unique and outstanding feature of Agarwood bracelets and especially increases the mutuality for the wearer.

vòng cuốn đôi mix resin đổ trầm

Double charm bracelet with 2 silver charms with delicate lotus motifs

Like agarwood beads of various sizes, Agarwood resin beads are also crafted by Agarwood into many designs from round beads to cylindrical beads with sizes to design according to the requirements of customers. From the single ring to the double ring, the chain of 108 Agarwood beads, when combined with the resin poured agarwood, will become unique and have a personal impression.

epoxy resin đổ trầm hương vòng tay độc đáo

Amber-colored resin beads in many sizes for convenience in mixing ring patterns

5 types of resin poured bass according to destiny
To meet the needs of customers interested in feng shui, Tram Tue created 5 basic resin colors according to the five elements for people to have more choices.

Kim Tram (yellow or white)
Moc Tram (green)
Thuy Tram (blue color)
Fire Tram (red)
Tho Tram (brown, orange, amber)

hạt resin đổ trầm hương Trầm Tuệ trang sức vòng 108 hạt

Agarwood bracelet that mixes 5 colors of resin according to the five elements of Tram Tue