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What is Tock Ant Nest Agarwood?

Most types of agarwood are made from Aquilaria crassna. In nature, the tree is broken or the ants are chiseling the trunk, thereby creating healing resin - after a long time, it becomes agarwood. Agarwood is rare or not depends on the density of agarwood that the tree produces. Depending on the soil, climate, and altitude, each region will produce different types of incense. People often judge the quality of agarwood by its aroma.

The origin of Tock Ant Nest Agarwood

Agarwood is a natural agarwood. The reason for this name is because agarwood is created from the wound caused by the tree borers combined with secretions from the ants nesting on the trunk to create Tock Ant. This type of stem borer is very special because it is only found in India and central Vietnam, absolutely no traces of them have been found in other areas. This worm contains a gene pool that is internationally identified as P450.

From this gene source, when living in the environment of the tree, it will create an enzyme that stimulates the creation of a characteristic aroma. Another special thing in Vietnam is that the tree belongs to the Aquilaria crassna strain. Of the four strains of agarwood trees in the world: Aquilaria malaccensis, Aquilaria crassna, Aquilaria microcarpa and Aquilaria filaria, the strain Aquilaria crassna produces the best quality of agarwood. This is the reason why Vietnamese agarwood is always appreciated in the world. With all the other "heaven-given" elements, it has created an agarwood with a sweet, light, deep aroma.



Tock Ant Nest Agarwood has a heavier weight than garden agarwood, or sweeping speed in general is artificial agarwood. Tock Ant Nest Agarwood is brownish or gray in color, with clear ridges. This type of agarwood is often used to make natural agarwood bracelets because it always ensures the aroma and aesthetics.

Classification of ant speed depressions

Tock Ant Nest Agarwood are divided into 4 main types:

  • Leech speed: Is the type of speed that carries the highest amount of essential oils of all types. They get their name because of the amount of oil along the grain of the wood that is shaped like a leech. The wood grain is long, small, about the size of a finger or the tip of a chopstick
  • Wire speed: There is less oil and interlaced with each other. Essential oils form many rings between the wood fibers. These circles are round and long like the shape of a tree's roots
  • Incense: Possesses a relatively small amount of essential oil, the oil is in the form of flakes. However, they have a more prominent aroma than other types of speed
  • Pi: There is a thin amount of oil, covering the outside of the wood grain. They come in the form of towers or large tubes
Bracelet products are made from Tock Ant Nest Agarwood
The wood used to make the necklace must be selected from the wood with perennial essential oils, strong enough, hard enough to turn into the shape of agarwood beads; because the wood is very fibrous, porous and light. The oil jets of agarwood are sharp, with patchy oil halos on the wood that are darker than other types of agarwood. After being exploited by agarwood ants, they will be flossed and planed to filter out the wood with agarwood, and then select the wood that is solid enough to make seeds. The wood was brought back to be cut into small billets; from those embryos turned into agar particles. The whole process of making beads is done by hand, very gently and meticulously, one by one.

Agarwood bracelets style for women

To complete a bracelet takes a lot of time, requires a worker to have a lot of experience. They have to do it carefully so that they both retain the natural wood grain and ensure the characteristic aroma of agarwood. Agarwood is absolutely committed not to use chemicals to soak or cover with the aim of ensuring aesthetics and fashion. The final process after the seeds have been completed and polished is to filter them out into 2 types: Type 1 Agarwood (the best seeds, the most essential oils), the rest are classified as type 2, to have different levels of quality. price in accordance with the needs and economic conditions of each customer.


Agarwood bracelets style for men

Tock Ant Nest Agarwood processed into many different types of finished products. But the most popular and striking are bracelet models. Agarwood bracelet is suitable for all ages, all genders. Coming to Tram Tue, anyone can find a bracelet model to their liking.

Agarwood bracelets mixed with Resin beads.

You can choose for yourself a simple bracelet consisting of only beads made from Tock Ant Nest Agarwood. The grain size is 10mm, 14mm or larger depending on each person's preference and hand size. If you are praying for peace, a bracelet of 108 beads of agarwood representing 108 human afflictions will be suitable for you. Or more sophisticated, you can choose a charm bracelet with the desire to bring good luck. Adding a silver charm will help children avoid the wind and avoid getting sick.

In addition to the round bead bracelet, you can choose bamboo beads, rough beads or mix more gold to affirm the value and class for the wearer. If you are looking to buy a natural/natural agarwood bracelet but have a mid-range, affordable price, then Agarwood is a great choice. It not only ensures aesthetics but also brings a lot of both material and spiritual values ​​to its owner.

Uses of Tock Ant Nest Agarwood
The scent of agarwood ant has the ability to help the wearer's spirit be comfortable, relax, maintain positive energy, clear mind, reduce stress effectively. In addition, like natural frankincense with sedative effects, people will have a deep sleep and a healthier body. Good health is a prerequisite for working effectively and leading a peaceful and fulfilling life. Not only that, the anthill also has great spiritual and feng shui significance. People often carry a bass ring with them to be able to stay away from bad air, bad air, negative energy... From there to improve good luck, attract blessings, furtune and luck, smooth sailing work. .

Tock Ant Nest Agarwood often chosen to design bracelets because of their reasonable price, diverse designs, and tailored to each person's requirements. Customers are pleased to contact the hotline: 0977023696 for detailed advice from Tram Tue.