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Meaning of Buddhist Lent in 2022

What is Buddhist Lent?

At that time, the Buddha and the Sangha did not stay in one place, but went everywhere to propagate the Dharma to save birth, so it was difficult to travel during the three months of the rainy season. In these three months is the season for insects to proliferate, walking will easily trample insects, severe weather, muddy roads, flooded difficult to walk, no shelter when it rains and winds on the road. almsgiving, travelling…. Therefore, the Buddha had to declare the means "Forbidden to settle down", during the three months of the rainy season's stay, monks and nuns were not allowed to go here and there, had to stay in a place of strict precepts, and tried their best to study for three months. lowliness, both growing compassion, and not breaking the precept of Sat. Except for special cases such as the death of a parent, a teacher, a serious illness, etc.
ba tháng an cư kiết hạ

What month is the Buddhist Lent season?

The summer retreat season starts from the full moon day of April to the full moon day of July every year (April 15 of the lunar calendar to July 15 of the lunar calendar).

The meaning of the Buddhist Lent season

The three months of the summer retreat is a time for monks and nuns to practice, cultivate the three unscrupulous studies of Precepts - Concentration - Tue, diligently cultivate the path of karma.
1196 hành giả Tăng Ni thiền viện Thường Chiếu an cư

1196 monks and nuns of Thuong Chieu Monastery live in peace (May 19, 2019)

During the three months of summer, monks and nuns stay at the monastery where they are staying or gather at another monastery to settle down, this is an opportunity to exchange practice experiences, learn the profound teachings of the Buddha, cultivate morality, try to practice diligently, always be aware, thanks to that merit, wisdom grows. in order to achieve liberation and enlightenment, as a refuge for life, to improve the capacity of propagation, to open the path of profit. Full enlightenment, compassion and liberation are worthy of being a true disciple of the Buddha.

Make offerings in the right way

Household Buddhists, based on the spirit of protecting the Three Jewels, studying the Buddhadharma to advance and cultivate merit and blessings as the foundation for peace and happiness in this life and the next, is a vital responsibility for The Three Jewels must wholeheartedly support the conditions and create favorable conditions for the monks and nuns to rest assured to focus on their practice. Contributors and contributors make offerings according to their existing ability, this is a good opportunity for Buddhists to plant a field of merit through making offerings, focusing on the Three Jewels, this is the duty of Buddhists. Buddhists, upholding the Dharma.
cúng dường Phật đúng pháp
Fourth of July is also the day of pardon for the dead, so with the merit of making offerings to this summer retreat, everyone dedicates the merit to the deceased parents, the incense of the deceased ancestors, the unjust family. Lord, depending on this merit, you will be born in a good land. At the same time, I pray for parents, relatives, relatives still living in the world to live happily in the Dharma, the deeper the faith in cause and effect, the more loving-kindness towards sentient beings is growing.
chúng tăng tự tứ
As Buddhists, we should always keep in mind the Buddha's teachings so that we can practice mindfulness daily, diligently practice, always protect the Three Jewels so that the Dharma will remain forever. That is the duty of all lay Buddhists, to support themselves on the path to liberation and enlightenment.