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Sincerely commemorating the day when the Gautama Buddha entered Nirvana

Sincerely commemorating the day when the Gautama Buddha entered Nirvana

Sincerely commemorate the 2566th anniversary of Buddha Gautama Buddha's nirvana. This is one of the four great days of Buddha's life.

From the time of enlightenment to the day of his death, for 49 years, the Buddha traveled throughout the vast land of India, from one country to another, converting to many different classes, from kings to mandarins to the poor, the cruel. Anyone with predestined conditions will be saved by Him.

After the Buddha became self-aware, enlightened, and by the time his enlightenment was complete, he was 80 years old. The Buddha that the predestined conditions had been fulfilled and the time had come. His body of the four elements also changed according to the law of impermanence, becoming weak and old. Therefore, The Buddha chose to enter the Sala forest in the land of Cau Ly, about 129 miles from the city of Ba La Nai, and entered Nirvana.

There are four reasons the Buddha chose this place to pass away:

First, to receive Mr. Tu-Bat-Da-La as the last disciple
Second, to avoid a mutiny, blood flowed into rivers, corpses piled up into mountains, when 16 major countries in India in the region fought for relics.
Third, because he knew there was a Brahmin named Dona, who was very prestigious and capable of eloquence who stood out to divide the relics. This man has a very strange name, Dona, this is the historical coincidence of the universe
The fourth is because here the Buddha passed away seven times in his previous life and this is the eighth time
When the Blessed One passed away, the sara flowers fell like rain, a great earthquake shook, and thunder resounded in the ten directions. At this time, two events occurred, that is, the monks who had not been liberated from craving, the gods and angels with mortal minds, when they knew the Tathagata had passed away, rolled back and forth and wept bitterly. As for the monks and devas who have eradicated craving, everyone is mindful and fully aware, seeing that all dharmas are impermanent and subject to change.

Thành kính tưởng niệm ngày Đức Thế Tôn nhập Niết Bàn

The Buddha entered Nirvana, but his merits and examples always illuminate the path ahead of his disciples (Illustration image. Source: Internet)

Before passing away, the Buddha said to Ananda: "Ananda, today, when the trees are finished at this sala forest, the Tathagata has passed away. With mindfulness and awareness, the Blessed One lay on his right side, when the sala flowers bloomed at the end of the season full of flowers and leaves, and the sara flowers fell to cover the body of the Tathagata to make offerings to him. The heavenly music in the sky also rose up to make offerings to the Tathagata.

On that occasion, the Buddha taught that: Ananda, the sala trees spontaneously bear fruit, these flowers fall, and are scattered on the Tathagata's body to make offerings. Then mandala flowers, dandelion flowers, all kinds of incense, and powdered incense were sprinkled on the body of the Tathagata to make offerings. All kinds of heavenly music also resound in the air to make offerings, and yet, bhikkhus, this is not respecting, revering and glorifying the Tathagata. Whatever bhikkhus, bhikkhunis or good men and good women practice in accordance with the teachings, in accordance with the dharma precepts, and dignify their own lives according to the right path, that is the one who respects, worship and glorify the Tathagata in the most noble way. Therefore, bhikkhus, practice diligently, follow the dharma precepts, and live the holy life. (The Great Parinirvana Sutra)

The falling of sala flowers, or the sound of heavenly music, to make offerings to the Tathagata, but those are not things to offer. But in order to make the ultimate offering to the Tathagata, his disciples must strictly observe the Dharma, keep the precepts, do all the things that the Tathagata has taught, and follow the Dharma.

After the Buddha passed away, all disciples celebrated the ceremony of Tra Pi, ie the cremation of the Buddha's golden body. This shows that all dharmas are not permanent, having been born must have annihilation, meaning that there is birth and death. If the cessation of that birth and death, the cessation of birth and death is called the great joy of passing away. This birth and death is birth and death of the body. The Tathagata taught:

"Hey Ananda! Don't grieve and lament. The Tathagata has taught before that things must be separated, changed, cannot be avoided. This Ananda! The lasting thing that sentient beings yearn for, living beings. It is only natural that things can't be expected from a place of practice. It is only natural that things that arise due to a structural cause must have annihilation. It's been a long time since you've done good deeds, you'll soon be free of afflictions, and you'll get arahatship."

After tea ceremony, the kings of 8 countries shared the Buddha's relics and built an offering tower. The Buddha entered Nirvana, but his merits and examples still illuminate the path ahead of his disciples. During 49 years of preaching, the Buddha always saved sentient beings in all circumstances, all walks of life, and never once neglected. The deep kindness of the Buddha is not easy to repay.

The Buddha is a person who can not care about fame and fortune, a life of abundance, wealth, and fullness. Nor did he care about his noble position, but left home to seek the Way. After many years of hard practice, when the path was completed, he took pity on sentient beings in confusion and went everywhere preaching the Way to save suffering so that sentient beings could find a way to free themselves from the pool of samsara, from the cycle of birth and death. return.

We - disciples of the Buddha always keep in mind his teachings: "As long as the precepts are strict, that day will still be solid, with full respect from the lay people and all sentient beings to you. ". Live in accordance with the Buddha's teachings, take the Precepts as a teacher, courageously and steadfastly on the Bodhisattva path.

"Hey! You have to light the torch and go on your own! Take my Dharma as a torch! Follow my Dharma and liberate yourself! Do not seek liberation in someone else, do not seek liberation. somewhere other than you!...".