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Vegetarian dishes recipe from pumpkin that you cannot miss

Among the result categories, pumpkin is the champion for iron content, rich in vitamins, table salt as well as organic acids. Ascorbin acid in pumpkin helps to suggest, B vitamins help to fight fatigue, sleep and insomnia, fix hair and toenails and hands. Vitamin A in pumpkin helps improve vision. The intestines and pumpkin are rich in vitamin E - a natural antioxidant that helps to stabilize the immune system, prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles, protect the skin from aging and improve the cardiovascular system.

Pumpkin is a nutritious fruit. Vegetarian dishes from pumpkin are all very attractive because of their fragrant taste and eye-catching colors. That's why these dishes are very suitable for parties, dishes for guests or dishes, dishes 1. Learn more than 30 recipes of delicious pumpkin dishes with Tram Tue!

1. Pumpkin soup cake
30 món bí đỏ chay ngon miệng dễ làm từ các đầu bếp tại gia bánh canh bí đỏ
Source: Mary Truong
  • 200g pumpkin peeled (peeled a bit small), gutted
  • 120g rice flour + 30g tapioca flour + small salt (the ratio of flour can be changed according to your preference to eat more or less)
  • Straw mushrooms
  • Vegetable
  • Vegetarian growth
  • 1 little boiling water
  • Pumpkin cut into small pieces, steamed until soft and finely ground (it's easy and fast to mash while still hot)
  • While the squash is still hot, mix the flour and salt together. Knead quickly, if dry, slowly add a little boiling water to stuff it into a non-sticky mass (because squash is a fruit that absorbs a lot of water after steaming, so the amount of boiling water added to stuff it is very small)
  • Let the dough rest for 30 minutes, roll it out thinly and slice or spin it (optional)
  • Boiled banh chung: Put in boiling water with a little salt, boiling water for the noodles. When you see the noodles rise, bring to a boil for 1 more minute. Take it out and rinse it with clean water, let it dry, put it in a bowl
  • Cooking broth: Use available vegetables and mushrooms to stew the broth for 45 minutes
  • Remove the one (except for the part that can be used), add your favorite mushrooms (if you stir-fry with a little salt before adding to the pot, it will be more delicious), cooked mushrooms, season with salt, seasoning , vegetarian fish sauce according to taste
  • There are ready-made vegetarian varieties for sale. If you make your own, mix the beans with some black fungus, shiitake, chopped boaro, tapioca starch and then steam. Can replace vegetarian with vegetarian rolls, tofu or fried bamboo ...
  • Arrange the filling on the bowl of banh chung, sprinkle with cilantro, pepper, fill with water and enjoy. The noodles are sweet, chewy, and nutritious
2. Stir-fried Baby Pumpkin with Mushroom
30 món bí đỏ chay ngon miệng dễ làm từ các đầu bếp tại gia1 bí đỏ rau củ xào nấm mỡ
  • Baby Pumpkin
  • Mushrooms
  • Vegetarian seasoning
  • Salt, cooking oil
  • Cut the pumpkin in half lengthwise. Thinly sliced mushroom, about 0.3-0.5cm . thick
  • Saute mushrooms and pumpkin with a pinch of salt and seasoning for about 30 minutes. At this time, mushrooms and pumpkins release water on their own. Add a little oil and sauté over medium heat for about 10 minutes. When the ingredients are cooked and seasoned, turn off the stove
  • This way of stir-frying is a bit different from usual but has the advantage of limiting oil, a light bar dish, good for people who need to lose weight or have diseases of blood pressure, blood fat...
3. Pumpkin braised with red beans
30 món bí đỏ chay ngon miệng dễ làm từ các đầu bếp tại gia1 bí đỏ kho đậu đỏ
Source: Bep Thuc Duong
  • 150g pumpkin
  • 1 piece size 7 x 15cm universal ear
  • Red beans
  • Sea salt
  • Tamari/shoyu sauce
  • Pumpkin peeled, washed, cut into pieces about 1 knuckle thick
  • Soak red beans for at least 4 hours (or overnight), pour water to soak. Then stew red beans with a little salt, ear, pumpkin
  • Wait for the red beans to be cooked, then add the pumpkin, the pumpkin will be more fragrant, delicious and not too hot
  • Use a thick pot, add more water if dry. Season with soy sauce when almost cooked (80%)
  • Pho Bi Do is a very delicious dish, both helping to effectively treat diabetes and helping to restore the body's vitality after taking too many antibiotics. Besides, it also helps to re-establish liver, kidney, and pancreas function that is impaired due to improper eating, especially due to meat and sugar.