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Super fast and super simple vegetable soup

Since ancient times, people have learned to prepare porridge because of its nutrition and good for health. According to "Phu Te Phuong", porridge is made from rice but has a great therapeutic effect when used with medicine. Porridge is like a source of life. Porridge dishes are increasingly diverse according to each period of human development. Porridge is combined with a variety of green ingredients that are clean and rich in nutritional value. From the years 2697-2597 BC, the then emperor used porridge with cereals. It is clearly stated in the "Typhoid Journal of Diseases".

The porridge is very familiar and the cooking is simple, but to have a delicious bowl of porridge, there are a few more tips. Tram Tue tells you a trick to make porridge faster: You wash the rice, drain the water and put it in a box or zip bag. Then put it in the freezer for at least 1 night. The next day, bring it out and cook as usual. Only need to cook for 30 minutes, the rice grains are soft and the porridge is fine. You can store rice in the freezer for a long time, when you need to cook porridge, bring this rice to cook, saving a lot of time.

There are many surprises about how to cook porridge as well as the method of combining ingredients to balance yin and yang, Tram Tue has shared in great detail in this article. We invite you to read along!

1. Abalone Mushroom Corn Porridge

Bật mí những cách nấu cháo chay đơn giản mà cực thơm ngon cháo bắp nấm bào ngư🌾 Ingredients:
500ml water:
20-30g rice
1/2 corn kernels, thinly sliced (keep the pulp to cook with broth to sweeten)
A few gray abalone mushrooms: shredded
Spring onion
Salt, seasoning powder
🌾 How to:
Pour water and washed rice into the rice cooker with cobs, corn, abalone mushrooms
Add 1/2 tsp salt or vegetarian seasoning powder
Cook porridge for about 15-20 minutes, season to taste, then scoop out into a bowl, add scallions, cilantro and a little pepper
Served with: cabbage, vegetables, depending on your preference

2. Mixed vegetarian porridge

Bật mí những cách nấu cháo chay đơn giản mà cực thơm ngon cháo thập cẩm

🌾 Ingredients:
1 part sticky rice
2 servings of plain rice
Red pumpkin
Vegetarian spring rolls (spring rolls)
Fresh mushrooms (straw mushrooms, abalone mushrooms...)
Vegetable perilla
Vegetarian fish sauce
Vegetarian seasoning
Cooking oil, pepper
🌾 How to:
Put the rice in a pot, simmer on low heat. Put chopped carrots and pumpkin in a pot and cook with porridge to sweeten.
Shredded vegetarian spring rolls, chopped mushrooms. Stir-fry mushrooms, spring rolls with seasoning and vegetarian fish sauce, pepper. Stir-fry on low heat for about 10 minutes, then transfer to a bowl/plate
When the porridge is soft, add seasoning seeds to taste, a little cooking oil if you like to eat greasy. You can add mushrooms and spring rolls to the island, bring to a boil, sprinkle with perilla. Or you can scoop the porridge into a bowl, put the ham, mushrooms and perilla on top. Then enjoy

3. Cashew beetroot porridge

Bật mí những cách nấu cháo chay đơn giản mà cực thơm ngon cháo củ dền hạt điều

🌾 Ingredients:
2 handfuls of plain rice
1 small beetroot (dark or light red depending on the amount added)
1 handful of raw cashews
2 mc vegetarian fish sauce
Coriander (coriander)
Seasoning seeds, cooking oil
🌾 How to:
Beets are finely grated or finely chopped.
Add rice and cashews to cook, until the rice grains are soft, sticky, and the cashews are soft
Next, add beetroot to the porridge pot, season with vegetarian fish sauce, seasoning seeds to taste, cook for another 10-15 minutes. Add 1 mc cooking oil, bring to a boil, then turn off the heat. When eating, sprinkle with coriander