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5 Years journey of Tram Tue

On November 6, 2021, Tram Tue has just completed 5 years of establishment, the day of the first product launch.

No bright flower lights, no complicated rituals, no hustle and bustle. A tea party includes only company employees in the tea meditation room, close, warm, full of intimacy and connected online with Tram Tue Ho Chi Minh bridge.

Hành trình 5 năm - Hương Từ Tâm

Tram Tue's warm birthday party in the tea meditation room

Hành trình 5 năm - Hương Từ Tâm1

Connect online with Tram Tue Ho Chi Minh and blow out happy birthday candles

In the open and harmonious atmosphere, for the first time, we heard from the two co-founders Tram Tue themselves, stories that had never been told about the difficulties in the early days of the company's establishment. Although Tram Tue's predestined story was born, it has been rewritten, but that is only part of it, and the hidden part that you don't know is the deep color that completes the beautiful picture of Tram Tue. In this dark color, those are the extreme hardships and difficulties that the founder of Tram Tue - Mr. Hoang Van Huong did not want to mention much about this because it comes from self-respect. He is afraid that many people think that Tram Tue "tells suffering". But recently, he just agreed to let us write it down so that everyone can have a full view of the company's history. We will tell this story in more detail in a separate article.

Hành trình 5 năm - Hương Từ Tâm1

In a nutshell, it all seems to be connected by a chance fate of two best friends, Mr. Hoang Van Huong and Mr. Trinh Ba Sy. The friendship relationship started in 2008, then the flow of life pushed each person along different paths and then they accidentally met each other again in 2016. It was fortunate that at that time both were learning about Agarwood. The idea of ​​building a clean incense production company was rekindled. That day, on a pickup truck, two friends roamed all over the country, from the South to the North in search of raw materials for producing clean incense. The days of passionate working together forget all the time... The secrets of the Agarwood industry are revealed layer by layer, layer by layer. (You can read more about it in the article: Tram Tue startup story).

Hành trình 5 năm - Hương Từ Tâm1

Mr. Huong, Mr. Sy, Mr. Hung (from left to right) were the first people to build Tram Tue company

The Company's headquarters was rebuilt on the foundation of a plastic factory. The brothers sketched the design themselves, carried each brick by hand, built each wooden table, built the wall, painted the wall... Everywhere was soaked with your sweat and blood. There were periods of intense difficulties, piling up to the climax, especially financial difficulties were always the company's problems... but Tram Tue's team did it with joy and joy that day. , tirelessly and steadfastly with the wish "Serving sentient beings".

Hành trình 5 năm - Hương Từ Tâm1

Hành trình 5 năm - Hương Từ Tâm1

Tram Tue took a photo at the Vesak Day 2019

Wish: "Replace a chemical incense stick with a clean one" - the fire that the founders and Agarwood team have kindled, preserved and transmitted for the past 5 years, through many ups and downs, still never cool off.

Hành trình 5 năm - Hương Từ Tâm1

Tram Tue's family on the journey back to the ancestors in 2020 (Photo taken at Tram Tue Yen Tu - Quang Ninh)

The journey of Huong Tu Tam - the initial 5 years journey has had fragrant flowers and sweet fruits that are the trust and love of friends and customers. Although the next journey is still difficult, but with good intentions towards the community and the consensus of the whole team, we believe that Agarwood will spread its fragrance farther and more fragrantly.