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Tram Tue's garden and lessons of thrift

During the covid epidemic in September 2021, employees at the company's headquarters reclaimed the land in front of the gate into a vegetable garden to serve Tram Tue's vegetarian kitchen. From a patch of land full of wild grass, it has now become a lush vegetable garden. This vegetable garden partly meets the needs of clean vegetables for Tram Tue's kitchen, and at the same time, visitors to Tram Tue can also enjoy the so-called home-grown plants. garden.
The first days of soil breaking for vegetable gardening.
Vườn rau Trầm Tuệ và bài học về kiệm phước
Tram Tue's pinach garden.
We have fresh vegetables grown by ourselves for meals, Tram Tue's "famous" hot pot dish with home-grown greens is even more special. In addition to appointing a specialized care department, every week all Tram Tue members come together to take care of the vegetable garden: tilling the soil, weeding, watering the vegetables... 
Vườn rau Trầm Tuệ và bài học về kiệm phước
Breaking the soil for growing vegetables with your own hands, you will understand that each top of the vegetable you eat every day is soaked in the sweat of the grower.
Vườn rau Trầm Tuệ và bài học về kiệm phước
Therefore, at Tram Tue, there is a regulation that employees must eat all the food on the table, not waste even a grain of rice, which is also what we have learned in the Buddhist teachings on saving merit. The last pandemic, witnessing how many people lacked food right in Saigon, they cherished each vegetable and rice grain even more. Blessings are cultivated from such small things, this is also a code of conduct in Tram Tue culture that employees must always keep in mind.